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Superfine Nickel Oxide Black Ni2O3 Nanoparticles Used as Catalyst

Superfine nickelic oxide nanoparticles is widely used as catalyst.

Battery Electrode Materials Nano Nickel Oxide Particles

Nano nickel oxide particles has good catalyst performance,widely used in battery electrode materials.

Memory Metal Nickel Titanium NiTi Alloy Nanopowder

Nickel Titanium NiTi Alloy Nanopowder used as a memory metal materials.

Coloring Agent Ni2O3 Nickelic Oxide Nano Powder

Nickel Oxide Nano Powder insoluble in water, insoluble in lye,soluble in acid, mainly used in colorant.

99.9% Ceramic Pigment Ni2O3 Nickel Oxide Black Nanopowders

Nickelic Oxide Nanopowders have the high purity 99.9% which use to the ceramics pigment .

Oxidation Catalyst Used 20-30nm Nano Ni2O3 Powders

Nano Ni2O3 Powders particle size is 20-30nm with 99.9% purity,widely used in catalyst.

Ultrafine Nickel Cobalt Alloy Nanopowders Used in Plating

Nickel cobalt alloy nanopowder with special performance and special surface magnetism, has a wide range of applications.

Catalyst used 20-30nm Nickel Oxide Nanopowder(Ni2O3)

20-30nm Nickelic Oxide Nanopowder(Ni2O3) with 99.9% purity.

Glass Stain Additives Used Nano Nickelic Oxide Powders

Plus nickelic oxide in the glass is mainly controlled color glass can absorb ultraviolet in brown coloration stable on transparent glass containing a small amount of Ni2O3.

Nitinol Ni-Ti Nickel Titanium alloy nanoparticles(70nm,Ni:Ti=5:5)

HWNANO Nitinol Ni-Ti Nickel Titanium alloy nanoparticles(70nm,Ni:Ti=5:5), Morphology spherical, black solid powder.

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