1.875 LED display stage led screen led video wall Waterproof and Dust proof IP 65


Waterproof and Dust proof IP65

Matte surface

1.875 LED display stage led screen led video wall Waterproof and Dust proof IP 65

1.875 LED Display Features


The high-protection surface SGF processing technology is hard, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant,

which effectively solves the collision damage of the screen in transportation, installation and in the process of use.

Waterproof and Dust proof IP 65

The surface of the display screen is covered by a new type of high-quality optically conductive nano-material.

Smooth surface and seamless, so that nothing is exposed to the elements, preventing any external elements into the interior, thus protecting the circuitry from outside influences.

Matte surface

The screen has a unique matte surface treatment, which enhances the surface scratch resistance.

At the same time, when it is used in the stage, studio, etc., that effectively avoids the adverse effect of the reflective surface of the display screen on the display effect.

180° viewing angle

The realization of the conversion from the light source to the surface light source makes the product more uniform in illumination,

and the vertical sharp horizontal direction is nearly 180° wide viewing angle, so that the viewer can obtain high-quality display effects at various angles.

Product advantages:

Single point correction

Different batches of products can ensure uniform and uniform illumination of LED lights, so that the brightness and chromaticity of the display are kept at a high level.


After the company's unique surface protection SGF technology (GOB) processing, the display contrast is greatly improved, and the brightness of the screen black is effectively reduced.

Long lasting

Because the product has high protection characteristics, anti-bumping, waterproof, dustproof, UV protection, anti-salt fog, etc., that effectively prevent external environment and human factors from damaging the product,

greatly increasing the service life of the product, as a result of this, the life expectancy is double that of the ordinary display screen.

Fast heat conduction

The material with high thermal conductivity is fully wrapped, effectively filling the gaps therein,

so that the effective heat conduction and excessive concentration of heat of the SMD lamp beads in the working state are effectively transmitted, and the product forms an overall heat dissipation surface.

Process is beneficial to extend product life and improve system stability.


Module memory

To solve the traditional LED large screen replacement module or replace the control system, it is necessary to re-correct the colour coefficient and set the pixel sequence of the module.

Power and signal dual backup

In the case of power failure, the dual-channel signal hot backup input mode is adopted to ensure system stability, safety and reliability.

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