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Horizontal Sand Molding Machine

New design high effiency automatic sand casting jolt squeeze moulding machine,brass,iron,aluminium moulding machine.

Auto Foundry Molding Sand Casting Machine

It is highly automatic.The sizes of its castings are precise.The core-setting is convenient and stable.The effective utilization rate of the match-plate is high.It covers a small area.

Automatic Horizontal Casting Molding Machine

This is automatic molding machine which is alternative to hand-shape and high degree of automation, convenient, secure under the core, the effective rate of the two-sided template.

Automatic Sand Molding Casting Machine

Sand Molding Casting Machine,Warranty 1 year free.

Horizontal Automatic Sand Molding Casting Machine

It adopts special technology, and works up and down at the same time. At the same time, sand is added and the sand type is uniform. It has the characteristics of no sand box and no pressure iron.

Automatic Horizontal Foundry Sand Molding Machine

The models on the basis of previous horizontal molding machine insttutional improvements. Top, bottom, middle, lower box at the same time fixed in the four pillars to ensure the accuracy of the co-box. Solve the problem of the wrong box.

Automatic Green Moulding Machine

It has compact structure and high safety performance, easy to operate, cover small floor space and make low noise.

Full Automatic Moulding Machine

High efficiency: Fast molding speed,High survival rate,Long service life,Low malfunction,Low-energy,Low maintenance cost.

Automated Molding Production Line

Fully-automated control of sand mold transport,molding,casting and cooling.Promote efficiency and laborsaving.

Green Sand Foundry Molding Line

It is the most suitable for customers which is from manual moulding become to automatic moulding. And the series horizontal parting flaskless moulding machine can meet different size casting production.

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