GPS Tracking Circuit Board Assembly

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GPS Tracking Circuit Board Assembly

Before designing this car GPS PCBA solution, in order to provide users with a better car GPS PCBA, our engineers conducted an in-depth analysis of customer needs and GPS working principles. GPS navigation module is an integrated circuit that integrates RF radio frequency chip, baseband chip and core CPU, plus related peripheral circuits. The core chip is one of the key parts of the gps system. The quality of the core chip determines the performance difference of different gps products to a large extent. Therefore, we use the SIRF III chip, which has 20 receiving channels and has low power consumption. The advantages of electricity and high receiving sensitivity (200,000 times/frequency receiving correlator). At the same time, before the GPS PCBA is put into mass production, each functional module has undergone multiple tests to ensure that its performance is stable and reliable, and can meet the needs of different vehicles. The following are the characteristics of this car GPS PCBA solution:


1. Use shielding cover to block space interference, effectively avoiding data signal interference

2. The RF power line is fully filtered and low noise is used to improve the accuracy of GPS receiving signals and accurately capture satellite signals

3. Built-in sensitivity/high-performance chipset and large receiving antenna, it can accurately locate even when the GPS satellite positioning signal is weak

4. PCB package is small in size and low power consumption

5. Using a working platform with ARM9 processor as the core, effectively controlling errors

6. Support multi-band antenna, filter processing after receiving the signal

7. Built-in high-sensitivity light sensor

8. Three working modes to meet the needs of different applications

9. Support real-time location tracking, indicating vibration, power failure, displacement, electronic fence alarm, etc.

10. Compatible with external device serial communication

11. Built-in switching power supply, ultra-wide voltage input range

Q: Can I make GPS Tracking PCB prototype first?
A: Sure, welcome to order and check our GPS Tracking PCB prototype quality.Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q: What about the lead time and delivery way for GPS Tracking PCB?
A: In general,normal sample needs 1-3 working days and by express, small order mass production time needs 1-3 weeks and by express or by air. For special GPS tracking PCB/PCBA, depend on the difficulty of PCB/PCBA.

Q: How long can I get the GPS Tracking PCB assembly quotation?

A:  In general, after you confirm engineer's inquiries 3 working days you will received it.

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