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Dong Feng LHD/RHD Water Tank fire fighting Truck 8,000L

Water tanker fire truck is the common name for the fire fighting truck that is equipped with various fire fighting devices and tools. The design of fire fighting truck is streamline, nice appearance, the sandwich pump make marching and extinguishing synchronized actions. It is economical, practical and flexible


Chinese brand cheap price brand new tractor horse

Caterpillar crawler excavator and dozer undercarriage parts track roller

China Made High quality track roller with reasonable price, applicable for construction machinery crawler excavator undercarriage parts

KDU 137 569/1 Ericsson GSM Baseband Unit KDU 137 569/1 R2B Model DUG20 01

Ericsson GSM Baseband Unit KDU 137 569/1 R2B Model DUG20 01 is in stock。We can offer our clients a complete and on going support solution on their network equipment .We aim to provide good products and services for our clients.

10,000L Fuel Tank Truck Foton

The CNCSC Transport Oil Truck has the benefits of reasonable structure, reliable performance, simple operation and beautiful appearance.The fuel supply of mobile refueling truck can reduce fuel consumption cost and save working hours.

Sunsky brand 40ft 3-axle flatbed semi-trailer for carry container

Heavy duty payload 40ft flatbed trailer to carry container and dry cargo.

Komatsu excavator and bulldozer D155AX-6 undercarriage parts track lower roller

Lower roller is heavy construction machinery parts, is applicable for crawler excavator and dozer Komatsu undercarriage spare parts

KDU 137 834/1 Ericsson KDU 137 834/1 DUL 21 01 Digital Unit

Ericsson KDU 137 834/1 DUL 21 01 can be guaranteed a perfect after-sales.We promise that after the arrival of the goods, the appearance and function 100 percent intact. Customer Bill of lading date calculation. Hardware Warranty for 180 days.

3 Axles Fuel Tank trailer 40000 Litres oil semi trailer

Fue tank semi trailer is connected with towing part by towing head,it can effectively improve the transportation efficiency. In the case of the same tonnage, reduce transportation costs and save fuel consumption.

40ft 3-axle skeleton semi-trailer for carry container

Heavy duty 20ft, 40ft skeleton trailers with BPW axle

Hitachi excavator undercarriage parts bottom track roller

China supply high quality bottom track roller, is applicable for heavy crawler machinery spare parts

KRC 118 63-1 Ericsson RUS 01 B0 R1D

Skyward Telecom has the ERICSSON KRC 118 63/1 RUS01 B in stock, along with a wide range of used and refurbished telecommunications equipment from all OEMs.

Vacuum Suction Truck 1,500L Foton

Foton Sewage vacuum truck is a tank truck with vacuum designed to pneumatically load fecal, solids, liquids, sludge, crude oil or slurry through suction lines.The vacuum vehicle has the advantages of high suction efficiency, self suction, self draining and direct irrigation, operation is fast and simple.

Sunsky brand 40ft 3 axle dropside semi-trailer for carry container

Dropside, siding, side wall semi-trailers to carry dry cargo

JCB construction machinery excavator JS330 JS360LC undercarriage parts track roller

JCB excavator track roller model has JS120,JS130,JS200,JS205,JS220,JS330,JS360LC, etc, Heavy duty Quality is similar to Italy Berco and ITR undercarriage parts bottom roller

KRC 118 73/2 R3A Ericsson RBS6601 RRUS 01 B3 Remote Radio Unit 80W (1800)

Quality KRC 118 73/2 R3A Ericsson Remote Radio Unit RRUS 01 B3 1800MHz on sale. If you have any needs, please contact us to provide preferential prices.

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