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Push Button LED Dimmer Trailing Edge 200W

LED Dimmer switch, trailing edge, power up to 200W/VA. Minimum brightness adjustable. 1-way or 2-way connection.

Double Dimmer LED 2X100W

Duo dimmer for LED lights, 2x100W LED, for dimming multiple lighting groups, equipped with latest technology.

LED Dimmer Module Universal 200W

LED dimmer module 200W. Work with push button switch. Power up to 200W. Leading edge and trailing edge adjustable manually.

Multi-way Push LED Dimmer 400W

LED dimmer Universal 400VA with auto detection for leading edge or trailing edge. Multi-way control: one switch for several LED dimmers or several switches control one LED dimmer.

LED Dimmer Trailing Edge 400W

LED dimmer, trailing edge, power up to 400W/VA. Minimum brightness adjustable. Minimum LED loading to 1W.

Bluetooth Smart LED Dimmer with Customized APP

Bluetooth smart LED dimmer with customized APP and compatible with voice control of Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Smart LED Dimmer Module 250W

Smart LED dimmer module 250W. Work with push button switch. Tuya WiFi control.

LED Dimmer Universal 400W

LED universal dimmer, leading and trailing edge adjustable manually.

1-10V LED dimmer switch

1-10V LED dimmer switch, work with 1-10V LED driver.

Zigbee Smart LED Dimmer

Zigbee Smart LED dimmer, powered by Philip Hue, Samsung Smart Home and compatible with voice control of Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Multi-way Smart LED Dimmer

Multi-way Smart LED Dimmer, paralleled for synchronized control in multiple locations.

Rotary LED Dimmer Switch

AURD350, Rotay Dimmer Switch, Trailing Edge dimmer, Match standard Clipsal/HPM panel, Max. Load 350VA, SAA Approval

Push Button LED Dimmer Switch

Push button dimmer switch, Universal dimmer, minimum brightness adjustable, best compatibility with LED down lights

Rotary LED Dimmer Switch Universal

Rotay Dimmer Switch, Universal LED dimmer, Match standard Clipsal/HPM panel. Minimum brightness adjustable.

Push Button LED Dimmer Switch for Iconic Panel

Push button dimmer switch, match new Clipsal Iconic Wall panel. Universal dimmer, minimum brightness adjustable.

Universal LED Dimmer Switch

Universal dimmer switch with leading edge and tailing edge changed automatically.

Multi-way LED Dimmer Switch

Multi-way LED dimmer switch, paralleled for synchronized dimming control.

LED Dimmer Switch with CCT control

LED Dimmer Switch with CCT control, programmed LED dimmer switch for dimming and color temperature adjusted.

Smart Bluetooth LED Dimmer Switch

Smart LED dimmer switch with Bluetooth control. APP customized.

USB Charger Mechanism

The USB charger is designed for the most Clipsal Switch Plate styles. 240V 2.1A USB charger.

Dual USB Charger Mechanism

This USB charger is with two USB ports, enabling to charge two tablets or smart phones at top speed simultaneously. With a maximum charging capacity of 2.1A, it is ideal for any combination of tablets and smart phones.

Three Way LED Dimmer Switch

Slide LED dimmer switch for dimmable LED lamps, halogen and incandesent bulbs. Best compatibility with GE, philip, Feit etc LED lamps.

Dimmer Switch for LED

Single-pole or 3-way dimmer switch for dimmable LED, halogen and incandescent bulbs

LED Dimmer Switch Trailing Edge

LED dimmer switch with trailing edge control, the best for dimmable LED lights especially the small power.

Smart LED Dimmer Switch Tuya WiFi

Smart LED dimmer switch, powered with Tuya smartlife. Single pole and three way connection available.

0-10V LED Dimmer Switch

0-10V LED dimmer switch, work with 0-10V LED driver for commercial lighting.

LED Dimmer Switch Trailing Edge 200W

UK LED Dimmer Switch Trailing Edge 200W, suitable for LED lights, LED filaments, and LED downlights.

LED Dimmer Switch Universal 300W

UK LED dimmer switch, universal dimming control, multi-way connection. Maximum 300W.

Dual Voltage LED Dimmer 127/220VAC

Brazilian type dual voltage dimmer switch127/220VAC, power up to 300W/500W. Suitable for dimmable LED lamps, halogens and incandescent bulbs.

Rotary LED Dimmer Switch 500W

Rotary Dimmer Switch 500W, match Panasonic wall plate. Adjust the brightness according to your mood.

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