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Jointed IEC Test Finger

ZLT-I02, conform to IEC61032 test probe B, IEC60950 figure 2A, IEC60529IP2, UL1278 figure 8.4 etc

Psychrometric Air Conditioner Performance Test Laboratory

The Psychrometric Air Conditioner Performance Test laboratory is used for testing room type air-conditioners. It provides air-conditioner testing with indoor and outdoor atmosphere environment as well as the indoor air flow measurement apparatus. Besides, the lab is equipped with computer-automatic control measurement and data processing system,and it applies the Indoor air- enthalpy method for measuring the cooling and heating capacity

Small Manual Winding Machine for Cylinder Battery

This type of winding machine mainly used for cylinder battery.

Articulating Finger Probe

Model :ZLT-I02A , Conform to the IEC60335-1 clause 20.2.

Balanced Ambient Room-Type Calorimeter Laboratory

This equipment is used for measuring the calories of Air-con. It also measures various kinds of data including pressure and electric properties of the Air-con. And it consists of compartments (2 chambers), control temperature Air spaces (2 rooms), air handling units, chillers, power panel, computer system and so on.

Jointed Test Finger Probe for Blenders

ZLT-I02B, Conform to the IEC60335-2-14 clause 20.2

Evironmental air conditioning test laboratory

The Environmental Air Conditioning Test Laboratory includes the Air Conditioner Environment Test Room, the Refrigeration Product Long-time Test Room, the Reliability Test Room, and the Electrical Electronics Walk-in Type Environment Test Room.

Jointed Finger Probe for Electric Kitchen Machines

Model: ZLT-I02C, Conform to the IEC60335-2-64 clause 20.2

Refrigerator performance test laboratory

The test room can be used to determine the storage temperature,the freezing capability,the power consumption,the temperature return performance,the freezing speed and the condensing performance of the household refrigerator/fridge/freezer.

8 mm Blender Probe

ZLT-P01 Blender Probe meets IEC60335 2 14,clause 20.102,stainless steel rod has a diameter of 8.0mm*80mm long

Heat pump water heater performance test laboratory

The heat pump water heater performance test laboratory can be used for testing air to water heat pump water heater, the water to water heat pump water heater,the tank storage heat pump water heater,the recycled water heat pump water heater, the split type heat pump water heater and the heat pump water heater with auxiliary electric heater etc.Whether it's household type or commercial type.

IEC Steel Rod 2.5 mm, 100mm Long,Spherical Stop

ZLT-I03, Meets IEC61032 test probe C and EN Standards, including IEC 60529 for IP3 and suffix C codes

Washing Machine Test Laboratory

The washing machine test laboratory provides all the test conditions,environment and facilities for washing machine tests. The test objects could be the front loader washing machine,the top loader washing machine and the cloth dryer etc.

IEC Steel Wire

Model ZLT-I04 , Meets IEC61032 test probe D and EN Standards including IEC 60529 for IP4 and suffix D codes.

Commercial Air Conditioner Performance Test Laboratory

The commercial air conditioner test laboratory is used for testing commercial conditioners such as packaged air conditioner, central cool/hot water air conditioner and the computer room air conditioner etc.

Laboratory Manual Lithium Battery Stacking Machine for Pouch/Polymer Cell

Battery manual stacking machine for pouch cell electrode and separator stacking.

Polymer Cell Battery Semi Automatic Stacking Machine for Laboratory Research

Battery manual stacking machine for pouch cell electrode and separator stacking.

Test Sphere Φ50 mm without Handle

ZLT-I05, conforms to IEC 60529 IP1 and IEC61032 test probe 5.

Commercial Refrigerator/ Freezer/Display case Performance Test Laboratory

The Commercial Refrigerator/Freezer Performance test laboratory is used for testing and evaluating the performance of the commercial freezer,such as refrigerated display cabinets etc.

Test Sphere Φ12.5 mm

verify the degree of protection of enclosures against ingress of solid foreign objects having a diameter of 12.5mm or greater. conforms to IEC60529 IP2 and IEC61032 test probe 2

Automobile Air Conditioner Test Laboratory

The laboratory is used for Automobile(Vehicle) air-conditioner performance testing.

Rigid Test Finger

Used for force applications on openings, as required by IEC61032 Test probe 11

Fan Coil Unit Test Laboratory

The facility is used for testing the capacity of the fan coil unit by air enthalpy method and water flow method.

IEC Unjointed Finger

according to IEC60950 clause

Heat exchanger performance test laboratory

Heat exchanger performance test laboratory is the performance testing equipment for air-cool condenser and air heater (Heat exchanger) which use water as heat exchange medium.

Rigid Test Finger with Dynamometer

As per IEC61032 Test probe 11, with dynamometer

Refrigeration Valve Performance Test Rig

The refrigeration valve performance test rig is used for testing the performance of different kinds of refrigeration valves like thermal expansion valve,electric expansion valve,hot gas bypass valve,pressure valve etc.

Long Test Pin

verifying that there is no access to hazardous live parts of heating elements which could be touched accidentally by a tool (i.e. screwdriver). Meets IEC61032 Test probe 12 & EN requirements

Compressor Performance Test Rig

The compressor test rig is used for measuring the performance of compressors like semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor,hermetically sealed compressor,whether it's commerical type or household type.

Short Test Pin

verify the protection against access to hazardous live parts in class 0 equipment and class II equipment

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