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Somatropin HGH 191aa

Somatropin HGH (Human Growth Hormone), also known as somatotropin or somatropin(191 amino acids), is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans.

995mg/ml High Quality Colorless Odorless Nicotine

We probive the best nicotine for the best e-liquid manufacturers! HENO nicotine is your best choice!

Disposable Portable Bags Clean Antibacterial Wipes

Our disinfectant cleaning wet wipes can remove makeup, clean and moisturize. Achieves four-in-one moisturizing, no sensitive formula, easy to remove makeup.

Circulation promoting & Pain relief Patch

Signature product of our patch series , an over-all treatment for diverse groups. Innovative formula made of 28 Chinese medicines, effectively treat symptoms. Four-way stretch cloth backing and micropore punching technology bring comfortable using experience. Well proven by market in past 50 years with annual sales of billions, market share more than 80%.

Erythropoietin Stimulating Agents(EPO)

Supply of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Injection (CHO cell),3000iu/vial.

Authentic 100% Ansomone HGH

Ansomone® is a kind of sterile, lyophilized formulation of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (HGH) with 191 amino acids, derived from engineering E.coli, and it is identical to the natural growth hormone in amino acid sequence and three-dimension structure. Ansomone® is indicated for growth failure due to endogenous growth hormone deficiency (GHD) and Turner disease or Kidney failure. Ansomone® can be used to heal up the surgery wound or burned wound and it has good effect to preservation for human aging. Our manufacturing plants of Ansomone® are certified for GMP Standard by sFDA.

Blue top/red top/green top/yellow top HGH (Generic Grey Top HGH China) 100iu/kit

Brand: Generic HGH Manufacture: China Specification: 10iu/vial,10vial/kit,100iu/kit

CJC 1295 Without DAC MOD GRF 1-29

MOD GRF 1-29 (also called CJC-1295 without DAC or simply CJC-1295) which half life is around 30 minutes, it’s used to provide rapid energy of GH at the right times during workout. Half life of CJC-1295 DAC is around 7-8 days providing continuous GH release.

98% Nicotine Medical Effects

We have nicotine sulfate, 90% nicotine, 95% nicotine, 98% nicotine, 99% nicotine and over 99.5% nicotine, 995mg/ml nicotine,999mg/ml nicotine.

Mosquito Repellent Antipruritic Wet Wipes

Our natural plant extract formula of wet wipes, gentle repellent mosquito, mosquito repellent, available for pregnant and infant!

Total Relaxing & Activating Pain Relief Patch

Best for relieve injury swelling and pain , especially for soft tissues injuries. Clinically tested by 172 Closed Fractures patients. Total effective rate 85.5%, 21.9% higher than control group.

Recombinant Human Erythropoietin(EPO) For Injection 3000iu pen

Body building Mass Building Supplements EPO Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Injection

Riptropin HGH Supplements (Riptropin Wholesale China) 100iu/kit

Product Name Riptropin HGH 100iu with Riptropin Reviews Specification 10 iu/vial,10 vials/kit,100iu/kit Riptropin Manufacturer Riptropin Bio Riptropin Top Color Blue Top HGH Riptropin Half-life Around 2.5 Days Riptropin Dosage 4-7iu Per Day Riptropin Results Better,deeper sleep; smoother and more youthful skin;increased energy,endurance Riptropin Side Effects Joint Swelling, Joint Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Water Retention. Riptropin Amino Acid Sequence 191aa (Amino Acid) Riptropin Cycle Inquiry for riptropin cycles

CJC 1295 with DAC

CJC 1295 with DAC is a powerful growth hormone releasing hormone that can be effectively used with a GHRP(Growth Hormone Release Peptides) to maximize the greatest endogenous gh release that bodybuilders and athletes are looking for.

99.9% Nicotine Liquid Flavored

Heno company is the most professional manufacturer of high purity nicotine in China. Quality is our main priority. Extracted from tobacco, our highest concentration can reach 99.9%, and the USP Grade Nicotine is green & natural. The best nicotine is used by the best e-liquid manufacturers! Don’t hesitate, try it today!

Disposable shoe shine wet wipes

Our white shoes wipes quickly decontaminate, do not need to be washed, clean and maintain, gentle and do not hurt the leather surface, a gentle wipe, bright white as new.

Musk Bone Strengthening patch

Bone strengthening formula benefit for the senior group. Add chondroitin to nourish and promote cartilage regeneration. Contain skin anti-allergic ingredients. Large-size patch more suitable for neck, shoulder and low back.

Recombinant Human Erythropoietin For Injection 5000iu pen

Specifications:[Main Ingredients]Recombinant Human Erythropoietin[Property]White lyophilized dry

Hygetropin HGH ( Hygene Hygetropin)

Hygetropin HGH 100iu dosage Human Growth Hormone for Anti-aging and Fat Loss the standard dosing pattern at the beginning of the HGH program is as follows. 4IU per day (2IU in the morning and 2IU in late afternoon) for bodybuilding purposes 2IU per day for anti aging purposes 8IU per day to treat severe burns, cuts, bone damage (shor period of time) doctor and blood tests determine the dose for any other purpos

IGF-1 LR3 insulin like growth factor

Long arginine 3-IGF-1, abbreviated as IGF-1 LR3 or LR3-IGF-1, is a synthetic protein and lengthened analogue of human insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). This peptide is strengthened with a growth factor, IGF, which has insulin-like properties.

40 Percent Nicotine Sulfate

We have nicotine sulfate, 90% nicotine, 95% nicotine, 98% nicotine, 99% nicotine and over 99.5% nicotine, 995mg/ml nicotine,999mg/ml nicotine.

75 Alcohol Disinfectant Wet Wipes

Our wet wipes are clean and sterilized, daily skin sterilization, mild and do not irritate the skin, antibacterial rate is 99.9%, rapid antibacterial, strict material selection, health and environmental protection

Musk Pain Relief Patch

Strongly dissipate coldness and relieve pains. An effective solution for joints swelling and numbness. Large-size patch more suitable for neck, shoulder and low back.

Recombinant human Erythropoietin Injection B12

Supply Recombinant human Erythropoietin Injection powder 3000iu/vial.

EPO Injections (China Erythropoietin Source) 3000iu*5vials/kit

Product name Where to Buy EPO 3000iu with Reviews and Cheap Price EPO Injections dosage Around 50 To 100 Units/kg Per Kilogram Of Body Weight EPO Brand Yibao EPO 3000iu price Differs according to quantity you need EPO Injections half life 4-13 Hours EPO results anemia treatment,weight loss,bodybuilding EPO powder 3000iu 3000iu/vial, 5vials/box,15000iu/box Buy EPO injection email us for EPO 3000iu bulk prices EPO Side effects Joint Swelling, Joint Pain, Water Retention,Weight Gain; Diarrhea

GHRP-2 growth hormone releasing peptide

GHRP-2 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide -2) is a non-natural, commercially synthesized, super-analog of GHRP-6 which is competent enough to strongly stimulate effect on human growth hormone (HGH).

99.9% High Quality Pure Nicotine Liquid

we have nicotine sulfate, 90% nicotine, 95% nicotine, 98% nicotine, 99% nicotine and over 99.5% nicotine, 995mg/ml nicotine,999mg/ml nicotine.

Soft Refreshing Facial Wet Wipes

This is not an ordinary wipes. It can refresh your mind quickly. You will feel sleepy after driving, staying up late to study, having a meeting and attending a meeting.

Joint Pain Relief Patch

Powerful efficacy acts deeply on the joint, reduce inflammation and pains, best for relieving joint symptoms. Multiple sizes fit different parts, large-size patch more suitable for neck, shoulder and low back.

Efficient Melanotan 2 Bodybuilding

Supply of high quality MT2 (Melanotan 2), 10mg / vial, 10vial / kit.

GHRP-6 Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6

GHRP-6 is an injectable peptide, one of growth hormone releasing peptides in the category, or GHRP’s. The most common use of GHRP-6 is to increase GH production inside our body.

99.5% Colorless Pure Nicotine Liquid

We provide the best nicotine for the best e-liquid manufacturers! HENO nicotine is your best choice!

La Fresh Travel Sunscreen Wipes

This Sunscreen from magic Isolation Wipes is made from an updated formula that makes it Sunscreen and Sunscreen all the same

Authentic Hygetropin HGH 200iu Kit

Supply Authentic Hygetropin:25 vials *8iu=1 kit(200iu)

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