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Double-glazing Bifacial Half Cell Module PERC

The conversion efficiency of the module reaches up to 20.3%. As a bifacial module, it can generate more power over 25% compared with that of the conventional module. It has a wide range of application scenarios. The half-cell technology not only produces higher power and less heat loss, but also reduces the influence of shadow on the power generation. Its internal power loss is reduced to 1/4 of that of the whole module. And the shadow shielding loss is less than that of the whole, thus increasing the power by 5%.

Half Cell Mono PERC Solar Module 120P

The conversion efficiency of the components reaches 20.4%, and the half-piece technology is used to reduce the hot spot effect, reduce the working temperature and effectively improve the power generation efficiency.

144P Solar mono perc half-cell Module

410WP module power will maximize system capacity and increase power generation. The conversion efficiency of the components reaches more than 20.4%, and the half-cell technology is used to reduce the hot spot effect, reduce the working temperature and effectively improve the power generation efficiency.

Lightweight Mono PERC High Density Module

The lightweight mono PERC module is 75% lighter compared with the normal one. There is no need to fix the mounting system, the weight of the PV power station is greatly reduced. Thus without sufficient load, the PV power station can also be built in the metal sheet roof.

Half Cell Mono PERC

The conversion efficiency of the modules reaches 20.6%, and the half-piece technology is used to reduce the hot spot effect, reduce the working temperature and effectively improve the power generation efficiency.

100W Mono Solar Panel

WHC SOLAR 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel is our most popular product!

150W 18V 36 Solar Cells Original Mono Solar Panel For 12V Battery

WHC Solar 150W Panels are certified and built to operate safely where flammable gases, vapour and liquids may be present. Our Hazardous Grade Solar Panels are built tough for extreme weather and heavy-duty applications. With the highest-quality construction.

200W 36V 72 Cells Power Enegy Supply Mono Solar Panel For 24V Battery And Solar power System

◆ 200 Watt Energy Power Mono Solar Panels: Works With a 24 Volt Battery or 12 Volt Solar Power System.

250W 30V 60 Cells High Efficiency Mono Solar Panels For 24V Home Generator System

250W Mono Solar Panel is one kind of model of solar panels, it use 156*156mm solar cells and charge current is 8.3A, same as 300W solar panel, but it is easier for transport and install.

300W 36V 72 Cells Home Power Generator System Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Adding a 300 Watt 36 Volt Aluminum Alloy Frame Monocrystalline Solar Panel to a home or commercial building is the first step in converting the structure from being energy-dependent to energy producing. Primarily used for residential and commercial purposes, rooftop solar power systems are the perfect way to decrease an electric bill, Also great for large off-grid systems.

10kw Technical Support Hybrid Solar Home System

Smart hybrid inverter in hybrid solar system for home energy storage. We have full certificates for hybrid solar systems.

10kw On-grid Solar Power Home System

1 set grid-tied solar system can be customized accoding to customer requirement. Grid-tied system can save electricity bill for users.

All Black Distribute Full Black Solar Panel

All black solar panels have a beautiful appearance which can be applied to architectural integration. Full black solar panels are popular with European customers.

Bifacial Dual Glass 435W 440W 445W 450W 455W Solar Panels

For a bifacial PERC solar panels,the AI back surface field is replased by AI grid,hence render the majority of rear side transparent which enable the cell to absorb light and generate electricity from both sides.

48V 7.5KWH Off Grid Solar LiFePO4 Battery

Lithium Battery LiFePO4 Battery has more than 3000 times deep cycle charge and discharge. Iron phosphate-lithium power battery for Off Grid Solar Power System.

156*156mm Poly-Crystalline Solar Panel

High efficiency, high quality, save your energy, environmental Poly-crystalline solar panels. 30 PCS Polycrystalline Solar panel in one pallet.

Flexible Waterproof Solar Panels for Boats

Greystone ultra-light PV modul can work for lightweight metal roofs ,waterproof membrane roofs,curved roofs and glass roofs. By bonding Greystone ultra-light PV modul to these roofs, new solar generation capacity can be created.

24V 5KWH Off Grid Solar LiFePO4 Battery

24V 5KWH LiFePO4 Battery with higher energy density, smaller volume for household. Support connected in parallel mode for expansion.

48V 10KWH Off Grid Solar LiFePO4 Battery

48V 10KWH Solar LiFePO4 Battery with Higher energy density, smaller volume for household. Support connected in parallel mode for expansion.

Tier 1 JA High Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Half-cell configuration of the JA PV modules offers the advantages of higher power output, better temperature-dependent performance,reduced shading effect on the energy generation.

Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter 24V 48V 220V 3.5KVA 5KVA Low Frequency Off-grid Inverter

5kw Off-grid Inverter with 48v battery voltage, MPPT with Battery Charger. Parallel operation with up to 9 units only available for 5KVA over Load Protection Inverter model.

DC 48V High Pressure Irrigation Solar Powered Water Pump

The solar powered water pump system is for agricultural irrigation,deep well, fish pond, swimming pool,water feature,bird bath etc

Single Phase Three Phases MPPT On-Grid Inverter

Solar photovoltaic on-grid solar power inverter for home use. It has small size, light weight, simple installation, convenient maintenance feature.

Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter 48V 220V 7.5KVA Low Frequency Off Grid Iinverter with Battery Charger

Pure Sine Wave off grid inverter with battery charger,48V 220V 7.5KVA low frequency. Built-in MPPT design inverter.

158mm Monocrystalline Solar Panel

High efficiency 158mm monocrystalline solar panels be safety for salt mist corrosion,ammonia corrosion,fire risk. Class A solar cell tested in TUV.

20/30/40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller New Model eSmart 12/24/36/48V DC 150V

20/30/40/50/60A MPPT Solar Charger Controller for Chargeable Battery. It has RS485 communication, we can offer communication protocol to convenient user's integrated management and secondary development.

166mm Bifacial Dual Glass Half Cell Mono 9bb 144 Cell Solar

166 mm monocrytalline bifacial dual glass half cell mono solar panel with the combination of half-cut cell technology and bifacial module. It can amplify the gain over the effect of current-reduction.

Hoymiles 600W/700W/800W Waterproof IP67 Power Microinverter

(2 IN 1 UNIT )The 600W/700W/800W micro inverter with reactive power control for 2 solar panels. It can realize solar panel independently monitor.One microinverter can connect two solar panels.

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