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6 ton wheel digger with 58.8 KW rated power

This wheeled excavator can be equipped with breaking hammer, grip, auger bit and other assistant devices.

6.3 ton wheeled manual excavator with YUCHAI engine

The machine adopts the latest fuel-saving technologies, such as in-cylinder direct injection, high compression ratio, turbocharging, etc..

6.3 ton hydraulic wheel excavator with YUCHAI engine

The machine adopts a high-efficiency and energy-saving negative flow hydraulic system, which provides accurate flow control according to the load demand and matches the real-time power of the engine to achieve a significant energy saving effect.

12.5 ton automatic wheel excavator with Cummings engine

The three core components of the JG150S excavator, the rotary motor, the multi-way valve and the two-speed walking motor are all imported from South Korea, ensuring stable and smooth operation.

7 ton hydraulic wheel excavator with combination of manual transmission and automatic transmission

Equipped with two sets of gearboxes, their respective transmission ratios and drive operation modes are different, and different transmission modes can be selected in different driving environments.

3 ton mini wheel excavator 360-degree rotation with small bucket

360 degree rotation makes the machine more flexible,the maximum digging reaches 4.1 meter.

6 ton iron track excavator with 360 degree rotation

Automatic hydraulic oil preheating function, allowing the machine to automatically preheat to quickly increase the hydraulic oil to operating temperature and extend the life of parts.

6 ton crawler excavator with dual-speed walking motor bucket capacity 0.25 m³

The imported KYB or DOOSAN dual-speed walking motor leads to the popularity of this compact excavator in small- and medium-scale construction sites.

8.8 ton crawler mounted excavator with backhoe

For JG100L tracked excavator, we independently produced main parts like sub-frame, boom and arm. The superior steel material ensures a firm and rough machine structure. 

13.5 ton chain excavator with earth auger

Digging, slewing, compound operation, fuel consumption and other properties are perfectly adjusted to ensure excellent response to various working conditions.

23 ton crawler excavator with 1.2 m³ capacity bucket

This 230L crawler excavator is equipped with a well-known brand engine with strong power. Imported pumps and valve blocks have more stable and reliable performance. Improved shock absorption characteristics to ensure more accurate and stable slewing motion.

0.8 ton mini track excavator with open cab

According to actual demands, JINGGONG 08L tracked mini excavator can also install breaking hammer, drilling machine, mini-tiller, ditching machine, water pump, sprayer and more.

1.6 ton rubber mini crawler excavator for garden working

This model is pilot operated, its boom can move sideways, and rubber track can be replaced with steel track.

1.6 ton mini crawler excavator with 90 degree left rotation

The arm provides a left rotary angle of 90°and a right angle of 50°, making the move and turn simply easy.This mini crawler excavator is widely used in orchards, vegetable greenhouses, farms, etc.

1.9 ton small rubber crawler bulldozer with pilot operation

The tailless small slewing structure and boom shift function, you can adapt to various narrow and confined spaces (wall roots, pipes, indoors, etc.) for free construction.

2 ton small rubber track excavator with imported hydraulic system

According to customer requirements, the arm can be moved sideways, and the whole model is stamped and formed.

2.6 ton small crawler excavator with replaceable rubber track

Original imported power system, low noise, low fuel consumption and high efficiency.

8 ton chain excavator with sleeper changer max radius grabing weight 0.5~ 0.6 tons

This small crawler excavator is specially designed for the replacement of railway sleepers. The average Each pillow changing machine can replace 1.5 pillows per minute, which greatly reduces the labor management cost and improves the operation safety.

8 ton crawler excavator with railway ballast machine

The invention provides a new type of swing arm applied in a swing type ballasting mechanism, which is an important part of the ballasting machine. It has the characteristics of novel structure, high operating efficiency and strong practicability.

8 ton hirail crawler excavator with tamping head

The hydraulic turnout tamping machine is suitable for tamping operations of complex and difficult turnout sections in line maintenance.

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