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Flue Gas Desulfurization

ACT'S Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization (DFGD) is for sulfur dioxide (SOx)control and multi-pollutant control under the name of Dry Multi Emission Control(D-MEC) system.

Industrial Water Cooled Chiller AWK-10(D)

AWK series water cooled chillers use the world famous hermetic scroll type compressor,features low noise,low vibration,low energy,low energy consumption and high efficiency.Cooling capacity from 2kw to 2500kw(0.57ton to 710tons),fully meets the demand of industrial production.Static plastic spray outer casing with simple structure and elegant appearance.

3 layers LDPE Shrink film blowing machine

ABC 3 layers co-extrusion film blowing machine, can save labor and material cost, make better quality plastic film.

Steel Metal Gusset Plate Roll Forming Machine Decoration Used

Steel Metal Gusset Plate Roll Forming Machine can be customized designed and manufactured, the gusset plate normally used as house ceiling for decoration, OEM manufactured is acceptable.

Small Block Machine

Small Block Machine is suitable for the low investment project, like the small factory and building project. It can produce hollow block, solid brick and etc.

High Performance 32t M900 Self-Telescoping Topkit Tower Crane

M900 Hydraulic lifting topkit construction tower crane, hammer head type, self-telescoping tower crane, is big lload tower crane with max load 32t, Long boom length 70m with tip load 11t. It is produced by Good China tower crane manufaturers with best tower crane price.

1500㎡ outdoor water park

Matching facilities:open slide, rainbow slide, water house , children splash pool ,colorful spray features ,stainless steel spray features, small slide and so on.

New Generation Worm Drive Hose Clamp Jubilee Full Automatic Assembly Making Machine with High Efficiency

Hose clamp machine is the most automation to manufacture different types and sizes of hose clamps in the world so far. Our machine is non-standard customized product,with these advantages just like standardized production,lowest defect rate,higher end product quality and lower labor cost.

High capacity PP PE plastic mini rattan extruder machine

PP PE plastic mini rattan extruder machine for furniture and decorating articles

125T High Pressure Intelligent Die Casting Machine

Longhu Automatic die casting machine is a new type of die casting machine developed by our company and Chinese academy of sciences.

Compact Coiler Type JSM-1000

Compact coiler Type JSM-1000 is a high-speed take-up for compact coiling operation.

1300*1000 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine 150W for Acrylic and Wood Cutting

Co2 Laser Cutting Machine 150W for Acrylic and Wood Cutting:LAS-1310 has 1300*1000 cutting area,aluminium blade table or honeycomb table,single or double cutting head. Better cut edge quality and accuray.

Automatic case maker machine TSV

Automatic high speed case maker machine can complete the progress of corrugated carton printing slotting die cutting with folding gluing.Lead edge vacuum feeding suction.

Automatic Grinding Ball Molding Line

Automatic grinding ball molding line adopts sand coated in metal mold cavity technology.Cast grinding ball production line widely used to produce cast grinding media balls which are used in mining industries,cement plant,power plant,etc.Steel grinding ball casting line is full- automatic and just need 4 workers.Producing grinding ball from Dia 40mm to 150mm.

Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine Fully Wrapping MT-200-1

Automatic labeling machine for round or similar bottle labeling, specially designed for round fully wrap applied to Adhesive Sticker, part or Fully Wrapped

Semi-automatic C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Semi-automatic C purlin machine can change the size in ten minutes which will save your time and easy to operate.

Popular Type PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator

General purpose nitrogen making machine, nitrogen purity from 97% to 99.9995%, flow from 1 to 250 cubic meters per hour.

Quick change CZ interchangeable purlin roll forming machine

No need changing spacer or cutter for different size.

4 wheel 1.5-3.0 ton Electric Forklift

Balance 1.5 ton electric forklift is a front-drive horizontal balance forklift with high speed ratio drive axle box assembly for higher working efficiency. ● Horizontal handling ● Block stacking ● loading / unloading goods

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