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159cm(5ft2') European freckle blonde hair sex doll - S13 Aurora

Aurora is an I Cup Baseball Sex Doll that always brings her baseball to the Graffiti square, She's got an ultra soft breast with a Top Model figure and tight waistline.

152cm(4ft11') blonde perfect silicone sex doll with metal skeleton - S10 Amanda

Amanda is an H-Cup pink nipple Love Doll with white skin and a Tight Ass. She has tempting pouty red lips that will surely make any man chew on it.

161CM(5ft33') Africa Sex Doll S6 Rosemary - Close Eyes

This full-size adult love doll is a hottie with a body. This human real-life doll has E-Cup breast and has a good curvy figure, this tan skin silicone sex doll wants to be your soulmate.

161CM(5ft3') Black Skin Curly Hair Sex doll S7 Yolanda - Open Eyes

Yolanda is an E-Cup Life Like Love Doll that has a killer curves that will make you sleepless. Her E cup twins will swing in your face and you can motorboat her all you like.

161cm(5ft33') Chinese girl real love doll of E-cup - S5 Yu Ting

161cm (5ft33') sex doll, E cup love doll, realistic sex doll

161cm(5ft33') the goddess of the gallery sexdolls - S4 Jasmine

Enjoy the realistic feeling of silicone material, we promised sino-doll just sale high quality sex doll Meanwhile, you may customize sex doll with many options and add some functions which you are interested, for example, heating system, moaning system, new shrug joint etc.

172cm(5ft77') full size silicone love doll - S3 Yu Jing

Mature silicone sex doll, intellectual doll. Can you smell these flavors from this sex doll? Let us know her more deeply.

152cm(4ft11') H-cup asian face sex doll - S1 Debby

Debby is a beautiful and natural sex doll with the faces of Korean women. This real love sex doll is made from the finest platinum silicone material. The soft and hard moderate silicone is fitted with a metal skeleton, which she can pose in various poses and see in the photo.

152cm(4.11ft) Asia silicone sex doll - S8 Chu Lian

Chu Lian is an H-Cup Premium Silicone Sex Doll with nice perky tits and a cute butt. When she lies on your lap, it will become your favorite petite love doll.

152CM(4ft11') Brown hair White skin Sex doll Asian - S9 Ruo Shui

This beautiful local white girl face is a lifelike sex dolls and adorable premium sex doll. You'll fall into her easily.

172cm(5ft8') H-Cup big booty sex doll - S2 Amanda

Big booty doll, American sex doll, high-end sex doll. All of this you can feel from goddess Amanda. Her hair was blowing in the wind, reflecting her nobility and elegance. Lifelike length, real face, you can't tell if she's a real person or a sex doll.

159cm(5ft2')Tanned skin sex body sex doll S14 Selina

Selina is a I++Cup Realistic Silicone Sex Doll with big tits and a perfect ass. Take her home being your western cowboy girl.

161cm(5.3ft) smile face real life silicone sex dolls S16 Chu Xue

She is a laughing custom sex doll, maybe you don't know that she is wearing a rabbit costume, but she likes to expose the upper body for you, and can have oral sex, anal sex and vaginal sex.

159cm(5ft2') tanned skin high quality silicone sex dolls S17 Aura

OL style sex lady sex doll. She loves dancing and she wants to dance with you. Who can help her come true her dream. Made of high-quality silicone. Customize your own sex doll

Self-heating Sex Dolls

Silicone Sex Dolls that have an internal heating mechanism will become a standard feature of all high quality sex dolls.

Premium Silicone Vagina and Ass

Silicone breast sex toy with vaginal sex function, this sex product for men and design, in the cost of not only for you to save money and for you hungry and lonely.

Silicone Realistic masturbation sex breast toy

This premium Sex Torso has vagina sex and anal sex. This sex doll torso is perfect for you if you are looking for a silicone sexy torso.

Moaning Feature

This collection of silicone love dolls distinguishes itself with its ability to support moaning functions. this options you can select or not based on your own liking. These functions add to the realism of love making.

Movable mechanical eyes

The eyes are the windows of the human mind. When people don't have this window, they can't effectively convey information and enrich our emotions. Adding a movable eye function to your sex doll will give you a lifelike sex doll or soul companion

Ultra Soft Ass Feature

Ultra soft ass is one of the options in the additional options. Its softness is not as soft and unreal as a sponge. We are all made with reference to the softness of real people, in order to provide the most realistic feel to everyone.

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