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Self-heating Sex Dolls

Silicone Sex Dolls that have an internal heating mechanism will become a standard feature of all high quality sex dolls.

Moaning Feature

This collection of silicone love dolls distinguishes itself with its ability to support moaning functions. this options you can select or not based on your own liking. These functions add to the realism of love making.

Movable mechanical eyes

The eyes are the windows of the human mind. When people don't have this window, they can't effectively convey information and enrich our emotions. Adding a movable eye function to your sex doll will give you a lifelike sex doll or soul companion

Ultra Soft Ass Feature

Ultra soft ass is one of the options in the additional options. Its softness is not as soft and unreal as a sponge. We are all made with reference to the softness of real people, in order to provide the most realistic feel to everyone.

Virginal Membrane

If the realistic sex doll can satisfy your sexual desire, then you can choose to make a virgin touch in the vagina of the life size sex doll.

sex doll standing without bolts

The original idea of creating a silicone doll without bolts is more perfect on the road to make the most perfection, so that the doll is the same as the real person in every detail.

Sex Doll Standing With Bolts

Silicone sex doll standing with bolts, is meaning a love doll has 6 bolts/studs under the realistic sex doll's feet to force her to stand.

Sex Doll Implant Pubic Hair

Customize pubic hair for your silicone love doll. It's not just about adding beauty to your life-sized love dolls, it can also improve the quality of your sexual life.

Bikini line for sex doll

Bikini lines is a special feature provide to the person who loves suntan beach sex doll.

Shrug Joint Feature

Every realistic sex doll has one of the most realistic body styles. Fully articulated body and newly enhanced skeleton that allows the shoulders to shrug.

Implant Hair

Every realistic sex doll has one of the most realistic body styles, implant hair option as well.

Ultra soft silicone breast

When you touch our realistic sex doll's breast you may confuse whether this real love doll is real breast or not. I promised you that you can't get rid of this feeling.

Lifelike Texture Skin

Enjoy the visual enjoyment of the simulated texture and enjoy the authentic sex experience brought by the sex doll.

New head connector

From the spiral head linker to the latest head linker, we have to turn from inconvenient to the most convenient road. Convenience can make your most realistic sex doll enter your realistic life easily.

Finger Nail Color

Sino-dolls have 8 colors of nails for you to choose from. Don't worry, you will choose your favorite nail color for your dream doll.

159cm(5ft2') European freckle blonde hair sex doll - S13 Aurora

Aurora is an I Cup Baseball Sex Doll that always brings her baseball to the Graffiti square, She's got an ultra soft breast with a Top Model figure and tight waistline.

152cm(4ft11') blonde perfect silicone sex doll with metal skeleton - S10 Amanda

Amanda is an H-Cup pink nipple Love Doll with white skin and a Tight Ass. She has tempting pouty red lips that will surely make any man chew on it.

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