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Off-air Signal and QAM Digital Modulator for USA Market

SKD2718 ATSC cable digital modulator supports modulating ATSC off-air signal and J.83B.

HD Encoder to DVB-T RF Modulator

SKD2716 can take in HD signal and output in RF signal in DVB-T modulation.

HD Encoder to ISDB-T RF Modulator

The SKD2715 is a full HD compact modulator ideal solution to distribute the ISDB-T signal in 1080P resolution.

HD Encoder to DVB-C Modulator

This HD Encoder to DVB-C Modulator SKD2711 can convert HD signal into DVB-C RF signal for Hotel Cable TV system.

16 IN 1 Digital Modulator Headend System

The 16 IN 1 digital modulator headend to distribute the 1080P full HD signal.

Single HD to RF MEPG2 ATSC/QAM Modulator

SKD2618 is an ATSC/QAM digital modulator with HD input. HD digital video source is encoded and modulated to high performance RF signal for modern TV reception.

Universal Chassis for SOUKA Modulator

Aluminum made chassis for SOUKA SKD2618 digital modulator

Power Supply for SKD2618 Digital Modulator

High efficiency power supply for SOUKA SKD2618 digital modulator.

Dual HD Input Modulator With ISDB-T and DVB-T Modulation

The SKD296X is a dual HD input digital modulator supports ISDB-T and DVB-T modulation.

SKD18 IP QAM Modulator

SKD18 series IPQAM modulator adopts the compact 1U chassis, which can install 3 independent digital modules. Each module supports 1 Gigabit IP input, 4 arbitrary frequency RF outputs, and hot swapping. And also supports 12 RF outputs, with DTMB, DVBC (J.83A/B/C), DVBT, and ATSC modulation modes.

SKD121X Encoding & Multiplexing Modulator

SKD121X Encoding & Multiplexing Modulator is a device that combines encoding, multiplexing and modulation. With 12 channels' HD or SD input, one RF and one IP output. The SKD121X is very easy to operate with intelligent functions, such as, alarm system, parameter import and export, and abnormal reminder.

SKD32 IPTV Gateway

The SKD32 IPTV Gateway is designed for hotel to launch and maintenance the IPTV system.

SKD3013 3 Channel HD Encode Modulator

SKD3013 3CH high-definition code modulator is independently developed by Shenzhen Dingshengwei Electronics Co., Ltd (SOUKA Brand). The device supports three channels of high-definition signal input, encode multiplexing and then 1CH RF signal output, and the frequency range of the RF output is 150MHz ~ 1000MHz. Its signal source can be satellite receiver, various set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, etc..

SKD19 Series 1U Rack 12CH Encode Modulator

SKD19 series multimedia platform consists of one central control master and three pluggable function modules. Support HD encode multiplexing modulation integrated modules, HD encoding IP output module, satellite receiving modulation module, etc..

SKD3050 4 Channel DVBS/S2 to IP encode Modulator (3U)

SKD3050 is 4 Channel DVBS/S2 to IP encode Modulator. The device supports 4 channels satellite signal input, Gigabit IP output. Its signal source is satellite TV signal, and its IP output supports UDP/RTP protocol.

DVB-T and ISDB-T Encoder Modulator

The SKD2036C has a HD and CVBS input. It can convert digital signal into DVB-T or ISDBT signal.

Household Universal Encoding & Modulation Modulator

The SKD201X Encoding & Modulation Modulator is the most cost-effective and factory-solution of digital modulator in the overseas market. With the second HDMI output port and a RF loop port, the user can easily install the system with different requirements.

Adjacent channel 16 in 1 Analog Headend for Hotel Cable TV System

3RU rack mounted chassis with 16PCS fixed channels analog modulator.

24 in 1 Analog Fixed Channel Modulator Headend

24 in 1 Analog Fixed Channel Modulator Headend (SK-24M) is the 3RU rack mounted chassis with 24PCS fixed channels modulators.

16in1 Agile Modulator Headend

3RU rack mounted chassis with 16PCS agile channel modulators

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