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290 Aluminum Square Lighting truss

290 mm Aluminum Square Lighting Truss is DIY installation with Spigot connection. It is a lightweight Modular Truss with UPL 390kg and UDL 75kg at10 m span. Square Aluminum Truss is widely used in roof system, stage lighting hangers, dj, round truss, line array speakers, concerts, entertainments, events, performance, exhibit booths, LED screen, music, theatre, circus, studio, disco, tv, wedding party, hotel,ect.

Prefab Folding Container House

Prefab folding container house can significantly shorten the construction period, more flexibility and mobility.

Anticorrosive galvanised steel C purlins for roof support

Galvanized steel C profile is a common and lightweight product to support roof system.C purlin is made from high tensile galvanized steel, and can be supplied plain or punched.MOQ:15 tons/size

China Steel Structure Prefabricated Villa House with Low Cost

China Steel Structure Prefabricated Villa House with Low Cost

Good Sound Insulation EPS Wall Sandwich Panel

EPS wall sandwich panel performance full as the unique properties of EPS material, with high effect for water-resistance, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and other aspects.

i beam lighting ladder truss

Aluminum I Beam lighting Ladder Truss is cheap price,and its loading capacity is CPL 26 kg and UDL 9kg at 6m span. This i Beam Lighting Truss is widely used in flat circular truss, rotary circle lighting trsus, backdrop, roof truss, audio, exhibit truss kits, theatre, event, concert, line array speaker, led screen, banner, tv, party, outdoor,ect.

African Style Prefab House Living Modular House Office Container Home

African style prefab living house with low price and good quality

Prefabricated modern folding Sandwich panel container house

Prefab folding container house is 100% foldingļ¼Œopened is a completed house;4 min install 1 house!

High strength steel Z purlins for roof with large slope

Yumisteel offer a complete range of structural Z Purlins and girts,it's manufactured from quality galvanised steel, this is a fully integrated system allowing for flexible design options.MOQ:15 tons/size

Prefab House Plans Small Villas For Sale

Easy Build Prefab House Villa Plans to South America

Good Durability EPS Roof Sandwich Panel

EPS roof sandwich panels are widely in large size industry factory,storages, outdoor shelter, gymnasiums,It has Heat-insulation.

Aluminum Lightweight Triangular Lighting Truss

290 Aluminum Lightweight Triangular Lighting Truss is lightweight but strong. and its CPL is 160 kg and UDL, 30kg Triangular Lighting Truss is popular in DJ, roof, round truss, gantry, truss arch system, music, band, led, podium, table, stand, indoor and outdoor decoration, ect.

Economic portable prefabricated color folding container house

Prefab folding container house is safer, faster, more environmentally friendly than traditional construction.

EN standards mild steel universal beam for steel structure

H steel beam is commonly used in on the horizontal in building structures to support floors and roofs.MOQ:15 tons/size

Metal C purlin for steel struction

C profile is made of galvanized steel,which is mainly used for roof and wall steel frames to support the roof and all systems.

600x1010 Heavy Duty Spigot Rectangular Truss Beam

Rectangular Lighting Truss is heavy duty with strong loading capacity UDL91kg and CPL 1358kg at more than 30 m span. It is adapted forBig Concerts,Theaters, Expos. Rental,ect.

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