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R2000 UHF 2 Channel Reader

JT-9230 is a two port EPC Class 1 Gen2 UHF RFID fixed reader. Design with aluminum housing, supports RS485,RS232 and Wiegand 26/34 communication interface. It has small size and easily installation.

Custom Print Plastic PVC 2750Oe Hi-Co Magnetic Card

Magnetic stripe card, which is also called swipe card or magstripe card , is read by swipping past a magnetic reading head .Magnetic stripe card is widely used in ID card ,membership card ,hotel key card ,credit card , transportation ticket ,loyalty card ,discount card etc.

Silver Color Brushed Stainless Steel VIP Card

Silver Brushed Stainess Steel Membership Card is used in a brushed silver paper cover in the ordinary PVC after the synthesis, and then take silk screen printing. This card can not be offset printing, only silk screen printing. After printing the finished product, it looks like it is made of stainless steel.

UHF 4 Ports Channel Reader

R2000 channel readerJT-928 is a four port EPC Class 1 Gen2 UHF RFID fixed reader. With cutting edge technology from the US, 928 has great inventory rate and tag reading rate. It can handle tags in motion, meanwhile successfully achieved massive tags and intense reading.

RFID hybrid card 13.56MHz + 125KHz card with 2 chipsets

HYBRID CARD 13.56MHz + 125KHz, RFID hybrid card, RFID hybrid card

Pcb Coffee Machine Control Board

Custom Coffee Machine Control Board PCB Design Service In the whole system, the main functions include: temperature control, concentration control, water output control or other functions as request

Plastic CR80 Pre Printed Magnetic Stripe Card

We are focusing on custom plastic magnetic sripe cards printing and advertising over 5 years , we offer mag-stripe key cards that provides secure access as well.

Fiber Colth Handmade Luxury Membership Card

Colorful fiber Card has special craft, the surface of this card is suitable for offset and thermal print , this card is suitable for simply and munificent designs ,it is made of pvc composite fiber fabric.As for this craft, every image of fiber fabric cards is only can be thermal print and offset, exquisite background and munificent simply Logo ,combine perfectly.

ISO14443A NFC Epoxy Round Edge Keyfob Tag

The RFID epoxy tag is finely designed to attract the customer's eyes,which using the Special polishing craft processing ,and the round is vey smooth.The nice appearance is aim to promote company image.Meihe factory can custom different sizes of rfid epoxy round edge Tags.

RFID dual frequency card 125KHz + 915MHz EM4200 + Alien Higgs3

Hybrid card 125KHz + 915MHz, RFID hybrid card, dual interface card

Milk heater control pcba printed circuit board assembly

Milk Heater PCBA Control Board In addition to the functions of the ordinary milk warmer, it also has the functions of disinfection, hot food, drying and steaming eggs, as well as the alarm function of water drying.

PVC Custom Printed 13.56Mhz Contactless Magstripe Card With Embossed Numbering

The magnetic stripe card is like credit card, entertainment card, bank card, or other similar plastic card, with a stripe that includes some informations identifying holder and the card. Such it can store in the stripe contains your name, card number, and the card’s date. Our company can custom card as your requested to make your beautiful nice card for you . Please feel free contact our sales if you don't have design or you don't have any idea how to make your card looks nice, the design always free for our clients.

CR80 Inkjet Printable PVC ID Card For Epson l800 Printer

The white blank inkjet pvc cards can be ptint directly by printer, such as for epson l800 printer etc. The white surface with coating and waterproof features. Accept OEM design.

Hot Stamping Gold Edge Printed VIP Membership Card

Beautiful and Luxury Membership card.Meihe card factory recently design one beautiful highclass membership card-Gold Edge Memership card ,this card is with the special silver edge craft processing ,and the card edge looks like 18k silver ,very decent.Now Gold Edge Memership card is popular with many overseas customers.


JT-932 is a professional-grade, multi-channels , high-performance UHF electronic tag fixed reader based on the Impinj R2000 platform. With complete independent intellectual property rights, the reader's default working frequency band is 902MHz ~ 928MHz or 865-868mhz supports ISO18000-6C (EPC C1 GEN2) protocol, has strong multi-tags recognition capability, long card reading distance, high protection performance and convenient installation and configuration. Features.

RFID dual frequency card 13.56MHz + 915MHz 1k + Alien Higgs3

Hybrid Card 13.56MHz + 915MHz, Rfid Hybrid Card, dual frequency card

Electric Toothbrush Control Board Pcb Assembly

Electric toothbrush control pcb assembly The most basic function of electric toothbrush is to clean the teeth. Many tooth brushes come with a variety of working modes, such as standard cleaning mode, massage mode, vibration mode, gentle mode and so on

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