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Long Span Shelves

If our warehouse space is limit, we need to find a way to make full use of the storage space. Actually, the long span shelf, can improve our warehouse space in an efficient way.

lab scale and pilot scale pulverizer machine

Higao Tech produce good quality lab scale and pilot scale pulverizer machine with many types in china. Used for small scale test in lab or R&D institues before bulk production.

Trough vibratory feeder suitable for majority materials

VRV trough vibrating feeder are suitable for conveying and dosing the majority of bulk materials with a wide range of grain sizes.

Pallet Rack

Pallet rack, also know as “box beam rack” is the most common pallet storage racking found in warehouses today.It is designed to maximise your space and make your job done easier!

superfine micro pulverizer machine

Higao Tech fabricate professional superfine micro pulverizer mill machine with best price and high quality in china. Micro pulverizer mill machine is used to make very fine powder from 60mesh to 300mesh.

Bin discharge unit for high material flows

The VRV Hopper discharge unit are mounted below hoppers, silos, bunkers or bulk containers for flowable bulk materials and serves as a combined closure, discharge, transportation and metering device. It is used where larger conveying capacity is required. Upon request, dust tight design is optional.

Steel Structure Garret

Steel structure garret is suit for high warehouse, light cargo, pick by man and large storage quantity situation, which can increase the using space.

roller mill pulverizer machine

Higao Tech manufacture high quality stainless steel roller mill pulverizer machine mostly used for oily materials pulverizing in china. Such as sesame, chia seed, cashew, peanut, almond, walnut, brasil nuts, coffee beans.

Tubular vibratory feeder Enclosed design for free flowing material

Thanks to the enclosed design, VRV vibrating tubular feeders are welcomed in chemical, plastic, lithium, food, pharmaceutical industries. Typically, they are used to convey dusty material or used to protect material from ambient conditions.

Cantilever Racks

Lumber and steel, for example, are often too long and awkward to fit on pallets, and may not have squared edges. Materials such as these are best stored using cantilever racking.

liquid nitrogen cryogenic freeze pulverizer machine

Higao Tech supply best price and quality of liquid nitrogen cryogenic freeze pulverizer machine in china. Freeze pulverizer can get an ideal grinding result at brittle point frozen by liquid nitrogen.

Reversible vibrating feeder Material flow reversible

According to the actual production demand of industries, VRV reversing feeders are used wherever bulk materials have to be conveyed and dosed in an opposing direction.

Warehouse Pallet Flow Rack

this kind of flow through rack is suitable for place of assembly line, logistic distribution center, convenient storage, save space and upgrade efficiency.

airflow jet mill pulverizer machine

Higao Tech produce good quality airflow jet mill pulverizer machine in china. Micronizer jet mill is used to make micron grade powder in refined chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, aerospace and many other industries for a special application.

Long distance vibratory feeder Over long distance conveying

Long distance vibrating feeder is an extension of trough feeder and tubular feeder. The difference is reflected in conveying distance. It is used when usage of regular vibrating equipment is limited by distance.

Push Back Pallet Racking

Push Back Pallet Racking is more convenient to store pick up goods and utilize high efficiency of space comparing with Drive-in and Double-deep rack, this type of rack can be stored no more then 5 depths pallets or carts.

vibrating mill pulverizer machine

Higao Tech fabricate professional glossy ganoderma vibrating mill pulverizer machine in china. To make some precious herbs to into super-fine powder, which has very important function in some medcines or food additives.

Strewing cover / Strewing plate Speading fine grained bulk materials

Strewing cover / Strewing plate is used to spead fine grained bulk materials evenly on belts, rolls or surfaces moving at a uniform velocity downstream.

Steel material container

Made by high quality steel plate with heavy duty load capacity. Factory storage, the ideal choice for transportation.

Two stage colloid mill pulverizer machine

Higao Tech manufacture good quality stainless steel two stage colloid mill pulverizer machine for wet materials grinding, such as making peanut butter, chili sauce, sesame paste, soybean milk, etc in china.

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