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Processing 25kg Finished Striped Green Tea Per Day From 100kg Fresh Tea Leaves

Striped type green tea process steps are withering, steaming, rolling and drying, which tea processing machine you need ? In this page you can learn how to process high quality green tea.

Process 25kg Finished Black Tea 100kg Fresh Tea Leaves Processing Machine

How to process 25kg striped black tea from 100kg fresh tea leaf ? striped black tea need tea withering process, rolling process, tea fermentation and drying, here you can know which machine you need.

100kg Puer Tea Cake Brick Processing Machine Pressed Tea Production Machine

Puer tea cake processing steps are: tea regain, steamed tea, press tea and drying. Each day process 100kg puer tea, the water content of semifinished tea is 5%, the total processing time is about 8 hours .

100kg Fresh Rose Flower Tea Processing Machine 20kg Finished Rose Tea Drying Production

How to process herbal tea ( flower tea ) ? Process herbal tea only need drying, in this page you can learn how to drying herbal tea rose flower tea with good quality.

100kg Fresh Tea Leaf Processing 25kg Balled Granular Finished Oolong Tea Tieguanyin Tea

Oolong tea processing steps are: tea withering, tea tossing, tea steaming, tea rolling, tea molding and drying, this page can teach you how to process oolong tea, this tea is tieguanyin tea, which the most famous tea in China.

25kg Finished Dark Tea Processing Machines For 100kg Fresh Tea Leaves Production

Process 25kg finished dark tea need which machine ? and how many dark tea processing machine ? here you can learn how to make 25kg fnished dark tea from 100kg fresh tea leaves.

Fresh Tea Leaves Withering Process Wilting Machine 6CWD-500

DL-6CWD-500 Fresh tea leaves withering machine used for making tea leaves soft and ferment, remove the smell of grass.

Tea Leaf Soft Bamboo Basket With Cloth Covering For 6CRH-120B

DL-6CRH-120B tea leaf bamboo soft basket with cloth covering mainly used for temporary storage of tea, easy to transfer tea between each processing process.

Orthodox Green Tea Leaves Rolling Machine 6CRT-55

6CRT-55 green tea leaves rolling machine barrel diameter is 550mm, height 400mm, productivity is 75kg/h

Green/Black/Oolong Tea Tea Leaf Rolling Machine 6CRT-65

6CRT-65 green/black/oolong tea leaves rolling table rolling barrel diameter is 650mm, height 480mm, production efficiency is 40kg/time.

Green/Black Tea Kneading Machine Small Tea Leaves Roller 6CRT-35

DL-6CRT-35 small tea leaves kneading machine rolling drum diameter is 350mm, height 260mm, this small tea roller can process 6.5kg fresh tea leaf per time.

Green tea Black Tea Roller Machine For Rolling Tea Leaf 6CRT-40

DL-6CRT-40 green tea black tea roller machine mainly used for rolling tea leaf, let black tea and green tea leaves be rolled into strips shape, and the tea that is brewed is more fragrant and the tea soup is more beautiful.

Kawasaki Mini Orthodox Tea Rolling Machine For Oolong/Matcha Tea 6CRT-25

6CRT-25 mini orthodox tea rolling machine can roll matcha/oolong/green/black tea, this tea roller can process 2.5kg fresh tea leaf per time.

Orthodox Oolong Tea Leaf Processing Roller Machine 6CRT-30

DL-6CRT-30 tea leaf roller machine mainly processing orthodox tea, tea rolling machine can process 4kg fresh tea leaves per time.

Tea Leaf Roller Machine Orthodox Tea Processing Machinery 6CRT-45 Price

DL-6CRT-45 orthodox tea leaf processing rolling machine rolling barrel is 450mm, height 280mm, it can process 12.5kg fresh tea leaf per time.

Orthodox Green/Black/Oolong Tea Leaf Twist Machine 6CRT-50

DL-6CRT-50 orthodox tea leaf twist twister machine mainly for twisting green tea black tea oolong tea and others, this tea roller machine can process 15kg tea leaf per time.

Tea Deblocking And Sieving Machine 6CSST-80

DL-6CSST-80 tea deblock breaker machine mainly used for deblock tea block, the machine also can siev the tea dust.

Black Tea Leaf Block Deblocking Machine 6CJK-40

DL-6CJK-40 black tea deblocking machine usually used after tea rolling machine, the mainly function of this machine is to deblock the chunks of tea leaves.

Intelligent Black Tea Fermentation Machine 6CFJ-80

DL-6CFJ-80 black tea fermentation machine mainly used for processing black tea, let black tea ferment better.

Automatic Intelligent Black Tea Fermentation Machine 6CFJ-60

DL-6CFJ-60 automatic intelligent black tea fermentation machine mainly used for black tea and dark tea, which kind tea need ferment.

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