10kw Growatt Solar Inverter

10kw Growatt Inverter Solar Energy

  • Nature of Wave StringPure sine wave inverter
  • IPIP20
  • Voltage48VDC
  • Rated Power10KW

Growatt On Grid Energy Storage Inverter


1. How to choose suitable inverter?
If your load is resistive loads, such as: bulbs, you can choose a modified wave inverter. But if it is inductive loads and capacitive loads, we recommend using pure sine wave power inverter.
For example: fans, precision instruments, air conditioner, fridge, coffee machine, computer, and so on.
Modified wave can be started with some inductive loads, but effect for load using life,because capacitive loads and inductive loads need high quality power

2. How do I choose the size of the inverter?
Different types of load demand for power are different. You can view the load power values to determine the 
size of the power inverter.
Resistive load: you can choose the same power as the load. 
Capacitive loads: according to the load, you can choose 2-5 times power.
Inductive loads: according to the load, you can choose 4-7 times power.

3. How connection between batteries and an power inverter?
We usually believe that cables connecting battery terminal to inverter shorter is better. If you are just standard cable should be less than 0.5M, but should correspond to the polarity of the batteries and inverter-side outside. If you want to lengthen the distance between battery and inverter, please contact us and we will calculate the recommended cable size and length. Due to long distances using a cable connection, there will be a reduced voltage, which means that the inverter voltage would be far below the battery terminal voltage, this inverter will appear under voltage alarm conditions

4. How to calculate the load of working hours requires configuration of the battery size?
We will usually have a formula to calculate, but it is not hundred percent accurate, because there is also the battery's condition, the old batteries have some loss,so this is only a reference value:
Work hours = battery capacity * battery voltage * 0.8/load power (H= AH*V*0.8/W)

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