18 inch 8-Pattern Water Wand

The 18'' 8 pattern water wand is used for watering hanging plants or shrubs.Ergonomically made grip helps to reducing the sore arms after long period of time use.

18 inch 8-Pattern Water Wand

This ergonomic design is perfect for long watering hour to prevent sore arms.It is great for watering hard-to-reach-areas in the yard.The thumb on/off switch allows to easily control the water flow without going back to the faucet.The 8 spray functions are ideal for everyday tasks in home and garden.The wand comes in color of green,purple,blue and red.

Features and advantages
• 8 patterns for a variety of use.
• Excellent for watering hard-to-reach areas.
• Thumb on/off control for easy water flow.
• Ergonomic design for comfort hand use.
• 4 colors available.

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