20w 30w Metal fiber laser marking machine

20w 30w Metal fiber laser marking machine is with Raycus Max laser. Suitable for marking and engraving metal materials such as stainless steel、gold、aluminum、silver、carbon metal 、brass、bearing,etc. Also can mark part of non metal materials, such as shoe last、porcelain、ABS、Switch、button,etc.

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20w 30w Metal fiber laser marking machine is desktop, with computer and EZCAD laser software. The customer can choose different rotary device, two dimension platform, clamp, etc. Suitable for marking different materials, used in different place.

Machine pictures:

mini fiber laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine price 50w

steel laser marking machine

metal laser mark machine

Features:of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1、Fast speed, equipped with high speed galvanometer

2、Small volume, light weight

3、No consumables, low power consumption, less than 500w.

4、Air cooling completely, without chiller, reducing energy consumption.

5、Not affected by bad environment and temperature change. It can work by using accumulator or car cigarette lighter.

6、Reducing the product depreciation cost greatly meets the customers' requirement of large quantity and stable production.

7、 Rotating head, mobile platform, full automation system (optional).

Advantage: of 20w Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1、The laser marking is non-toxic, non-deformation, non-polluting, wear-resistant;

2、Stable performance, moderate price, the marking depth can be controlled at will, and it can work for a long time.

3、It adopts an integrated design structure and a new light path sealing method, which is generally stable and reliable, and has a beautiful and high-grade appearance.

4、Inherit the maturity and practicability of previous generations of solid-state laser marking machines, and further improve the stability of the whole machine by upgrading the software and control system.

5、 It can mark any information such as graphic logos and texts, and has the characteristics of fine and beautiful marking patterns and wear-resistant.


Applicable Industries:of metal laser marking machine

Gold and silver jewelry, sanitary ware, food packaging, tobacco and drinks, medicine packaging, medical apparatus and instruments, watches& glassware, auto spare parts, electronic hardware,etc.

Applicable Materials: of 50w  fiber Laser marking Machine

metal materials such as stainless steel、gold、aluminum、silver、carbon metal 、brass、bearing,etc. Also can mark part of non metal materials, such as shoe last、porcelain、ABS、Switch、button,etc.


Technical Parameters:of 20w 30w metal fiber laser marking machine

Technical Parameters


From China 

Laser Capacity

20w 30W 50W 100W

Laser wave length


Optical quality


Laser repetition frequency


Standard marking area(mm)


Optional marking area(mm)


Marking depth


Engraving speed


Marking Speed

600-1000 character/min

Min line width


Min character


Repeated accuracy


Operating environment

Clean, without dust or less dust

Total power


Power supply


Cooling way

Air cooling

Working temperature


Working humidity


Sample show:

mini laser steel marking machine

Why choose us:

1. 13 years experience on laser cutting and engraving machine.

2. Use good brand parts, excellent machine quality.

3. Free consulting, lifetime technical support.

4. Various optional types, customized acceptable.

5. Machines sold to Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America......

Our Service:

1) Guarantee for whole machine for 1 year.

2) Lifetime maintenance is free of charge.

3) We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.

4) We offer English manual and CD for installing, operation and maintaining.

5) Our technician can be sent to your company to install the machine and train your workers if necessary.


Packaging & Shipping:

1) Standard seaworthy plywood case, without fumigation, can be exported directly.

2) Forklift-lift loading, much safer for machine.

3) We will arrange telex release for you or send original BL to you for customs clearance.

gold laser marking machine

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