400mm Marble Diamond Segmented Saw Blades

This 16inch/400mm marble diamond segmented saw blade is special made for fast cutting, not very strict in edge smooth cutting, we sell lots of them to Middle East countries, non-silent core, cheap price.

  • Welding MethodSilver Welding/Brazing
  • AdvantageSharp, Long life, Cheap Price
  • OEM Custom Made ServiceYes

400mm Marble Diamond Segmented Saw Blades

ChinShine 16" diamond segmented blade is designed to wet cut most common types of marble on bridge saw. We use coarse diamonds and soft bond for fast and speed cutting.

This 400mm marble saw blades  represents the latest technology in diamond blade manufacturing with evenly allocated diamond crystals in segment to achieve greater sharpness and higher efficiency.

Marble diamond saw blade helps our more clients to solve cutting difficulties and have got good feedback in Middle east and South American countries,which will largely save your production cost and bring great benefits for you.

ChinShine 400mm Marble Saw Blade Advantage:
1. Good quality blade core and sandwich segments make fast cutting.
2. Cutting different hard marbles steadily, it can avoid high temperature and spark
3. Professional welding method ensure diamond segments no drop during cutting, 
4. It is mainly apply for high-end marble slab on bridge saw.

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