Active Power Compensator SVG

Based on the principle of voltage source inverter, YTPQC-SVG Static Var Generator uses insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) to control the magnitude and phase of inverter AC voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of reactive power compensation and 3 phase load balancing . Because the switching frequency of IGBT is very high (up to 25.6kHz), SVG can compensate rapid reactive loads and achieve quite high compensation accuracy. SVG is the best product in the field of reactive power control.

YT-PQC-SVG Static Var Generator

YTPQC-SVG Static Var Generator detects load current in real time through internal and external CT and analyzes the reactive current of load by TI DSP and FPGA, then generates PWM signal to IGBT inverter(3 Level) to generate inductive or capacitive current and compensate reactive current to realize the target power factor. YTPQC SVG can also compensate phase imbalance.
Compared with the traditional capacitor bank, YTPQC-SVG has the advantages of fast response and high compensation accuracy without under-compensation or over-compensation problems, avoid resonance,etc.


How SVG work


Modular Design


YTPQC Static Var Generator has a advanced modular design. Usually YTPQC-SVG consists of one or several SVG modules and an optional touched LCD Human Machine Interface. Each Static Var Generator module is an independent  and dynamic reactive power compensation system, and users can change the SVG rating by adding or removing  SVG modules.

 According to the mounting type, YTPQC Static Var Generator can  be divided into Rack Modular SVG,Wall-mounted SVG and free landing SVG.

Active Power Compensator SVG module

Model Description

YTPQC-SVG Static Var Generator Module series cover from 10kVAr to 100kVAr, support wall mounted type, rack type, free landing modules.

SN Item

Rated Capacity

Factory Model





Packing Size




1 SVG 10kVAr YTPQC-SVG/10-4-4L-RW 360*402*125 20 740*690*445 25
2 SVG 15kVAr YTPQC-SVG/15-4-4L-RW 360*402*125 20 740*690*445 25
3 SVG 30kVAr YTPQC-SVG/30-4-4L-RW 505*550*190 34 740*690*445 40
4 SVG 50kVAr YTPQC-SVG/50-4-4L-RW 505*550*190 35 740*690*445 41
5 SVG 75kVAr YTPQC-SVG/75-4-4L-RW 505*570*280 53 740*690*445 63
6 SVG 85kVAr YTPQC-SVG/85-4-4L-RW 505*570*280 54 740*690*445 64
7 SVG 100kVAr YTPQC-SVG/100-4-4L-RW 505*570*280 55 740*690*445 65



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