All Purpose Use Cleansing Wipes in Bucket

All Purpose Use Cleansing Wipes in Bucket

Hand And Body Cleansing Wipes are designed for the skin care and cleansing.

This wipe effectively remove the dirt and sweaty and heavy metal ion on the skin after working.

Keep the skin clean and antibacterial and comfortable.

All Purpose Use Cleansing Wipes in Bucket

It is big bucket wet wipes designed for all purpose use.

Not only for whole body cleaning,  but also use for surface cleaning in the household and Industrial use.

The soft wipe material are safe and gently for cleaning,  No harm to the skin and sensitive hard surface.

The Ingredient of our formula is based on natural plant extract and Pure water,   It is hypo-allergenic bucket pack wet wipes.    We can make different wipe size and packing as your request if you need bulk quantity. 

We offer you free samples for testing.

Ecoeon Technology Co.,Ltd are a Chinese company Providing you the Private label service/Customized brand print service for different wet wipes.

Except for bucket package, we also supply Individually wrapped package, Soft pack type, travel pack, Mini pack for different wet wipes.

The Lead ions are recognized as a highly hazardous pollutants in your life.

It will cause many diseases in leaded environment. 

In the lead-acid batteries, electronics, petrochemical, paint, ceramic glass, rubber, plastics, leather products and other industries,   You should take care of removing all kinds of heavy metal ions after working.

Our body and hand wipes will help you to get a healthy skin.

We especially Adding the aloe ingredients to protect the skin, It is suitable for daily cleansing.

This body and hand skincare wipes which is especially good to remove the lead, nickel, arsenic, zinc, silver, mercury ions.

The Wipes solution have the special ingredients to remove the lead ions. 

It can effectively take away the heavy metals ion on the skin surface.  This wipe could prevent the heavy metal ions entry the body and causing blood poisoning or other heavy metal poisoning.  This body and hand cleansing wipe which is easy to use,  It is a good alcohol disinfection cleansing wipe.

For other pollutants, such as oil, grease, dyes, carbon black,  e.t.c   This wipe has a good cleaning effect as well.

Packing: 150 counts / bucket 8 buckets / boxes,   G.W 9.5 kg / box


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