Allen Bradley 1747-AENTR Module 12 Months Warranty

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Input Modules- Allen Bradley 1747-AENTR

As shown in the illustration below, ControlLogix input modules receive a signal at the RTB and process it internally through hardware, filters, and an ASIC scan before sending a signal to the backplane via the requested packet interval (RPI) or at a Change of State (COS) occurrence. The RPI is a configured interval of time that determines when a module’s data is sent to the controller.


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More Types Modules We Are Applying For You

IC693MDL741 AMN11 AMN22 3500/44M
IC695CPU315 AMM32TJ 3500/42M 128229-01
531X111PSHAPG3 ALR111-S00 3500/40-03-01
IC694ALG221 ADV151-P00/D5A00 3500/90 125728-01
DS3820PS7A1B1C ADV859 3500/22 125768-01
IC698RMX016 ALP111 330130-045-01-00
IC670ALG620 AAV544 146031-02
IC670MDL241 AAI543-S00/A4S00 3500/42M 138708-01
IS200EPDMG1B AAI141-H00 330180-90-00
IC698RMX016CA SED4D-01 3500/50M 286566-02
IS200EDCFG1A ACB41 3500/25

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