Allen-Bradley 1769-IF16V input module

Allen Bradley 1769-IF16V Rack Mounting Power Supply  Good Quality

Allen-Bradley 1769-IF16V input module. Fast ship/ Brand new
The 1769-IF16V is a Compact I/O module from Allen-Bradley. This module is specifically an analog input module that is designed to accept a variety of input voltage signals such as ±10V, 0-10V, 0-5V, and 1-5V.The 1769-IF16V compact density analog input module by Allen-Bradley is an input I/O module in the compact I/O series. It has 16 single-ended inputs with a Sigma Delta modulator with 16/15 bit Unipolar/bi-polar resolution and a configuration-dependent channel response time.

Catalog Numbers :1756-M02AE,1756-M08SEG,1756-IA8D,1756-IA16,1756-IA16I,1756-IA32,1756-IB16,1756-IB16D,1756-IB16I,1756-IB16IF,1756-IB32,1756-IC16, 1756-IG16, 1756-IH16I, 1756-IM16I, 1756-IN16,1756-IV16,1756-IV32,1756-OA8,1756-OA8D,1756-OA8E,1756-OA16,1756-OA16I,1756-OB8,1756-OB8EI,1756-OB8I,1756-OB16D,



Brand: Allen Bradley

Product Origin: USA

Warranty: 1 Year

Payment: T/T, Western Union

Condition: New with original package

Lead Time: 1-3days

Model: 1769-IF16V



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