Ausland 300M Plus Muti-Station Automatic Tracking 3D Wheel Alignment Machine

AUSLAND 300M Plus Muti-Station Automatic Tracking Deluxe Edition

  • weight233KGS
  • Size1.07CBM

Ausland 300M Plus Muti-Station Automatic Tracking 3D Wheel Alignment Machine

Supported Multi Languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese, French, Arabic, Thai, Greek, Korean, Romanian, Portuguese, Finnish, Slovenian, Polish, Hungarian

Ausland 300M Plus 3D Wheel Aligner Features

1. Intelligent sound recognition

2. Measurement platform support:pit,four post lift, big scissor lift,small scissor lift

3. Auto trace function no requirement of manual intervention

4. Camera beam follows lift movement automatically during the measurement procedure,ennable the operator to work on the chassis at any height.

5. Support improperly leveled platform,it can be measured as long as the target is in the visual range.

6. Optimized dynamic visual technology, live caster data

7. Shortest in the industry, rolling runout compensation without pause

8. Track width ,Track width difference,wheelbase, wheelbase difference detection

9. Display real-time Kingpin , adjust suspension data conveniently

10. Real-time target monitor

Ausland 300M+ Wheel Alignment Product Advantage

1. Independent intellectual property rights, it has been applied for multiple inventions and utility new patents, Product Renewal Sustainability

2. Talent advantage, a number of senior experts with more than ten years experience in the industry

3. Professional,3D four wheel aligner focus on the research and development of manufacturer, making the product more reliable and more cost-effective

4. Dynamic algorithm, establish dynamically spatial stereo coordinate system of body parameters in vehicle testing process, not affected by the inclination of the lift

5. Fast, car selection, rolling rounout compensation, Kingpin test, it come out faster than other wheel aligner

6. The testing process of rolling runout compensation and Kingpin saves time without pause.

7. Calculating the diameter of wheel automatically during rolling runout compensation, no requirement of manual input

8. With the best camera and optical system in this industry

9. A wide range of wheel clamp which can clamp the 10-23 inch rims

10. High precision anti-fall target, reinforced plastic housing, laser fabrication, a unique identification of the L-shaped pattern

11. Friendly interface, unique manufacturer search function

12. Perfect additional function measurement

13. Real-time monitor to check target image

Ausland 300M Plus Wheel Aligner 3D Specification

Maximum Measuring Range
Front Total Toe-in:

Ausland 300M+ 3D Wheel Aligner Environment Requirements


Relative humidity:≦85%

Display Precision:0.01°/1′/0.1mm/0.1inch

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