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Strpack is a manufacturer of bottle filling,capping and labelling machine.We provide professional packing solutions for bottle filling and packing for different industries.

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Bottle Working Table

This bottle packing table is a 2000mm length conveyor made with side packing table which used for taking bottles into carton by hand from conveyor .Can be made with one side table or two side table ( roller table or stainless steel table

Bottle Feeding Turntable

This rotating bottle feeder machine is use eccentricity from disc rotation,it will send the bottles to the conveyor under the action of bottle guide board ,then into the next process. This machine is suits forĪ¦30-100mm cylindrical shape bottle unscrambler. Machine use frequency to adjust speed, the whole machine use SS304and with long durability. Unscrambler speed can achieve 7,000 bottles / hour.

Automatic Induction Sealing Machine

Product: for pesticide, tablet & capsule, foods, cosmetic, lubricant &oil packaging etc. Plastic bottle and glass bottle sealing.

Automatic Bottle Rinsing Machine

This a helicoids bottles rinse machine, it adopts continual tracking to spray and wash bottles,high efficiency,well effect of rinse,it is suitable for different specifications of bottles. Widely range,easy operating,convenient maintaining.

Automatic Bottle Unscramble

The Automatic Bottle Unscramble is used for sorting and feeding bottles for the filling line automatically. It is making up of bottle elevator, bottle sorting bowl, bottle unscrambling device, and the electrical cabinet .

Automatic Cartonning Solution

The automatic cartonning system can be connected with our production line for putting bottles into carton automatically to improve production efficiency.

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