Beiben 1927 Towing Truck

Beiben 1927 tractor truck with WEICHAI 270HP engine, LHD and RHD model Tractor Truck export to Kenya, congo, zambia, tanzania, etc. China best Beiben 4*2 drive model, Benz technology 1927 towing truck for bogie suspension semitrailer

China Beiben 1927 tractor truck series equipped with WEICHAI 270HP engine, use Germany mercedes benz technology, the beiben NG80 type 1927 prime mover mainly used for towing bogie suspension semitrailer and lowbed semitrailer.  

China Beiben 1927 Prime Mover Supplier


Beiben 1927 Towing Truck


The beiben 1927 tractor trucks series has normally wheelbase 3800mm, which is special designed for African road condition, and the 4*2 north benz towing trucks suitable for Algeria, Botswana, Congo, Djibouti and Togo countries. Recomend dimension as below:


Beiben 1927 tractor trucks drawing dimension



CEEC provided Beiben 1927, 1929 tractor trucks prices are considerably lower than European, American and Asian competitors

Beiben trucks and Mercedes Benz trucks share many features such as HL7, HD7 and VL4 axles used in the Actros and Atego models.

The only Asian heavy duty truck company capable of providing the quality foundamong European and American manufacturers.

Beiben truck and benz trucks sharefamiliar gearboxes - ZF and Fuller Fast.

Mercedes Benz and Weichai WD615, WP10 and WP12. They comply with Euro 2, 3 and 4; have displacements of 10 and 12 liters and HP of 270 to 480.

Bosch Common Rail injection, the Euro 2 with linear pump, motor and brake valve MAN Exhaust (Jack-Brake), among other qualities.

CEEC TRUCKS 20 years experience on beiben tractor trucks exporting.


Beiben 1927 Tractor Trucks


Beiben 1927 Tractor Trucks


Beiben 1927 Towing Truck     Beiben 1927 Tractor Trucks


Beiben 1927 Tractor Trucks     Beiben 1927 Towing Truck


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Overall dimension (mm)


Driving Model


Wheel base (mm)


Curb weight kg


Gross towing trailer weight (kg)


Engine Model

WD615.46 WEICHAI brand, Power: 360hp

Gearbox Model

12JS200T, mechanical typeBased on Fuller Eaton technology ,12Forward speed gear


Based on Germany Benz Technology

Axle(Front, Middle and Rear)

Based on Mercedes Benz Technology

Brake system

Safe(consist of Service brake, Assistant brake and Park brake)

Steering system Model


Fuel tanker capacity L


Clutch Model

430Hydraulic boosting


12.00R24 radial tire

Electrical system

2 Batteries (12V/135Ah each )

Safe Cab(driver die Zero record)

full steel skeleton structure, covered with double layer steel plate;

Fifth wheel

90 JOST brand

Dimension for Upper body



Beiben 1927 Tractor Trucks


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