Blue Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner Dental Machine

The ultrasonic cleaner machine uses ultrasonic waves to vibrate in water, making it easy to remove 99% of stain on medical-dental parts. This mini cleaner can be used for clear aligner, transparent dental, plastic form dental braces and orthodontic braces.

Invisalign Blue Soinic Cleaner

Product Item: Blue Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner Dental Machine

ATYOU Blue Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner Dental Machine is specially designed for oral healthcare and medical-dental equipment industry. It's a mini home Invisalign sonic cleanerIt is included in the category of orthodontic accessories, orthodontic devices and dental laboratory instruments.  It's ideal to clean the denture, transparent braces, false teeth, invisible teeth aligner, retainer, clear aligner (Invisalign, SLX, CA Clear Aligner, etc.). 


· 42,000Hz high-frequency ultrasound to thoroughly clean every gap of the denture / clear aligner.

· The mini ultrasonic cleaners weigh is only 310g. So lightweight for portable. 

· This ultrasonic cleaner is more user-friendly and the working noise is less than 50dB. 

· Colorful with a nice look.

· Suitable for cleaning small items including denture, clear aligner, retainer, jewellery, cigarette holders, watch bands and keys etc.. 

· CE, FCC Certificate.

Key Specifications:

Power Supply: AC 100-220V, 50Hz

Power Input: DC 12V / 2A

Frequency: 42,000 Hz

Cleaning Cycle: 1 preset- 5 minutes
Automatic Shut Off: Yes

Product Size: 115*115*83mm

Tank Size: 75*75*37mm

Tank Volume: 150ml
Max Water Line: 100ml

Weight: 310g 

Body Material: ABS, TPE 

Tank Material: Stainless Steel

Color Available:  Pink / Blue / Green 

Invisible Aligner Sonic Cleaner


Q: What is your Minimum Order Quantity? 
A: For new customer, we accept less than 1000pcs quantity.
Q: Will the ultrasonic cleaner damage the invisible aligner? 
A: Of course not. Most of the aligners are made of special plastic, which have excellent hardness and toughness. 
    The denture ultrasonic cleaner can thoroughly clean the aligners without damaging. 
Q: Can I add denture effervescent tablets or solution? What is the impact? 
A: Yes, of course. The solution will improve the cleaning effect to a certain extent, and a good smell to your items. 
    We recommend to use your usual mouthwash as a cleaner for daily cleaning. 
Q: What is your ultrasonic cleaner warranty? 
A: 12 months for parts and labor against quality defects.

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