China supply mobile three wheel ice cream display freezer

Low temperature ice cream cart is convenient for ice cream display and sale. It can be used in hotels, restaurants,Commercial streets, shopping malls and other places, you can also customize exclusive LOGO.


The mobile ice cream display freezer cart is a low temperature freezer so that the ice cream will not melt when stored. The refrigeration system is integrated with the display case, with wheels at the bottom and a shed above. The body is made of stainless steel, which can be affixed with customer-specific advertising stickers to advertise and attract your own brand.

Many people love ice cream, especially in the summer, eating ice cream in hot weather is a great enjoyment of life. People all over the world like to eat ice cream, and some people eat it all year round. There was a brand called "Old Popsicles" in China decades ago. Even now, some people like to eat it. Although times are changing, sometimes we always miss the old things. Nostalgia is also a kind of consumer feelings.

Ice cream cart features:
1: Imported compressor, ultra-quiet and stable operation.
2. Microcomputer temperature controller. Can accurately control the temperature in the cabinet with temperature wet indicator
3: Air-cooled circulation refrigeration, thick copper tube refrigeration system automatically removes the fog in front of the glass to ensure the best display effect.
4. The top floor is equipped with lights and adopts LED warm light tube, which is safe and reliable.
5. Ice cream cabinet temperature range -18 ~ -22 ℃, users can adjust the temperature use range according to actual needs
6. The defrosting of the refrigeration system can use the original (DANFOSS) solenoid valve hot air to automatically defrost to ensure that the ice cream will not melt during the defrost time.
7. 8 standard 1/4 * 100mm ice cream trays. The front and both sides can use advertising stickers or stainless steel spray paint.

8. The bottom comes with a movable wheel, and the square belt moves.

Product details :

Name: Mobile ice cream cart
Model: HYICC18
Size (L x D x H) (mm): 1800 * 800 * 1280 +

Within Temperature (℃): -22 ~ -18

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Refrigerant R134a / R404a
Total Power (KW): 1.25

Plate size (W x D x H) (cm): 27 * 17 * 10

Product image:

ice cream display cartice cream display cart
Product manual:

Mature, advanced refrigeration, defogging and defrosting technology, neat and beautiful appearance, customers can customize color, logo and DIY design.

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