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Xiamen Baoshili Dustless Technology is a professional cleanroom product manufacturer,including cleanroom wipes,ESD wipes,roll wipes,raw fabric,etc.More info here!

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1cm x 50m/18cm x 25m Cleanroom Wipes Roll

Cleanroom Wipes in Roll,Size:1cm x 50m,18cm x25m,Sizes can be customized.

Cleanroom Roll Wiper in Roll Shape

Cleanroom Roll Wiper for PCB, TFT, LCD, FPD Wiping

SMT Stencil Cleanroom Wipes Roll

China Hot Sale Cleanroom Wipe Roll

Cleanroom Wiper Roll in China

Cleanroom Wipes Roll with Standard Carton for Exporting

Lint Free Cleanroom Wipe Rolls

Lint Free Cleanroom Wipe Rolls with Small MOQ accepted

100 gsm Micro Fiber Roll Wipers

100 gsm Micro Fiber Roll supplier

Micro Denier Roll Wiper for Clean Environment

Cleanroom Micro fiber Roll for Automatic Cleaning Process in the Controlled Environment

Industrial Clean Room Roll Wipers

Multi-purpose Industrial Cleanroom Roll Wipes

1cm x 10m Microdenier Roll Wipers

Customized Microdenier Cleanroom Roll Wipers

1cm x 25m White Micro Denier Roll Wiper

Lint Free Micro denier Roll Wipers with high absorbency and cleanliness

195 gsm White Cleanroom Roll Wipes

195 gsm White Clean room Roll Wipes

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