COMMANDER 100 | ABB | Programming Cable

COMMANDER 100  DIN Process Controller

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ABB Process Panel and ABB Panel 800 as Libraries
– These libraries (ABBProcPnlCI851HwLib, ABBProcPnlCI854HwLib, ABBPnl800CI851HwLib and ABBPnl800CI854HwLib) contain hardware types to be used when ABB Process Panel and ABB Panel 800 are to be configured with a PROFIBUS DP master unit.

CI853 Supports Hot Swap 
– CI853 can be replaced online, without any disturbance to other units 
connected to the CEX bus


COMMANDER 100 | ABB |  Programming Cable


Industrial IT 800xA - Control and I/O, System version 5.0, AC 800M - Controller Hardware,
– OPC Server DA that handles run-time data.
– OPC Server AE that handles alarm and event from the control system, via the OPC Server to the OPC client.

ABB DSCS131/57310001-LM
ABB DSSR116/48990001-FK
ABB DSMD113/5736045-N
ABB DSPC171/57310001-CC
ABB DSMC112/57360001-HC
ABB DSCA114 /57510001-AA
ABB DSCA190V /57310001-PK
ABB DSAO120 /57120001-EY
ABB DSCS116/ 57520001-BZ
ABB DSCA180F /57520001-KM
ABB DSPC172H /57310001-MP
ABB DSAV111 / 57350001-CN
ABB DSDI110A /57160001-AAA 
ABB DSBC172 / 57310001-KD
ABB DSMB175 /57360001-KG
ABB DSBC173 / 57310001-KH                                                                                         

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