CP-KC-A type Aluminum Ground Mounting System

CORIGY SOLAR Aluminum ground mounting racking System is designed for installation in large solar power plants, which is cost-saving and easy to install, with advantages in design, quality, delivery or cost.

CP-KC-A type Aluminum Ground Mounting System


CP-KC-A type Aluminum Ground Mounting System
CP-KC-A type Aluminum Ground Mounting System

1. The unique design allows the mid clamp/end clamp to quickly enter the desired position at any position, saving a lot of installation time.

mid clamp/end clamp

        Class A: Regular Rail

Regular Rail

        Class B: New design Rail

New design Rail

2. High Pre-assembled, saving installation time and labor cost

Before delivery, we will assemble and fix the parts to be positioned in advance, so that you can save a lot of installation time and labor cost.  

3. When the foundation and the pv racking system are not suitable, the unique design can be adjusted in multiple directions, and the adjustment range is large. 

pv racking system 

Unique anti-slip groove

Unique anti-slip groove helps you firmly fix the position when adjusting

Ground screw options

The following shows the conventional size, the conventional length of the solar ground screw is 1200mm / 1600mm / 1800mm / 2000mm, and the customized length is less than or equal to 3200mm 

Accurate calculation

Each ground mounted pv system design provided by CORIGY is based on careful calculation by the team of engineers

ground mounted pv system


*The project above is a 150MW project of CORIGY SOLAR, using the CP-KC-A type aluminum ground mounting solar racking system. 

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