Disposable shoe shine wet wipes

Our white shoes wipes quickly decontaminate, do not need to be washed, clean and maintain, gentle and do not hurt the leather surface, a gentle wipe, bright white as new.

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Shoe shine wet wipesProduct information :

shoe cleaning wipes
Wet Wipes
Shelf life
2 years
The applicable objects
Cleaning wipes
Whether to pack separately or not
Applicable occasions
Leisure vacation workplace

disposable shoe polish wipes

Instant Shoe Shine Wipes product specifications

Leather shoe cleaning wipes can be used for all sorts of color of high-grade leather shoes, travel shoes, sports shoes, such as cleaning, polishing, brighten up a complete, care and maintenance, the effect can reach more than 3 to 5 days, easy to carry and use only fast, economical and practical, convenient and clean sanitation, is tourism, travel, office, visiting relatives and friends, home, car, it's necessary,Customize Shoe Cleaning Wipes is an ideal product for daily maintenance of leather shoes. Regular use can keep leather shoes soft and natural luster and effectively extend the service life of leather products.

customized shoe shine wipes

Advantages of disposable shoe wipes

Customized Clean And Shine Wipes Patented water-soluble environmental protection technology, new formula adds biological enzyme, quick decontamination, no need to wash, clean and maintain, gentle and do not hurt the surface of the leather, a gentle wipe, bright white as new.

Shoe Shine Cleaning Wet Wipes Usage: Wipe the large surface stains with a towel, open the package, tear off the sealing sticker, and directly remove the Shoe Wipes. Repeat the Wipes on the leather until clean, and paste the seal on the Wipes to keep the Wipes moist after use.

Shoe Shine Wet Wipes

Company introduction

Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Technology Co., LTD has been engaged in developing, producing and selling wipes for more than 10 years. Main sanitary wipes, baby wipes, tea tree antibacterial wipes, refreshing brain wipes, mosquito repellent wipes, white shoes wipes, personal beauty makeup wipes and a series of professional dedicated wipes. Wet wipes products are cheap and quality, excellence is deeply the favor of consumers and love.

Shoe Cleaning Wipes Brands


1. Please keep the shoe wipes out of reach of children to avoid misuse.

2. This product is only used for wiping objects. Do not use it to wipe the skin to avoid allergy.

3. Avoid contact with eyes or wounds. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

4. Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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Note: OEM and ODM orders are supported. Quality can be confirmed, requirements can be put forward, and production can be carried out according to requirements.

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