Fiber laser cutting machine with exchange worktable

Fully protective cover reduces laser radiation;double tables save workpiece feeding time;

Enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchange worktable

Product description

The laser cutting machine consists of three parts, the machine tool, the control cabinet and the cooling-water  machine.

Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Metal

Fuselage structure

★The main frame adopts the gantry structure and the whole bed is welded,to ensure the long term stability and no deformation of the machine.
★Machine tool bed is processed by gantry milling machine and is formed at one time.
★The whole machne is tempered at high temperature,the internal stress is eliminated with the furnace coling.
★Using double rack rails,double servo drive structure.
★Improving the stability and rigidity of the Y axle beam
★The high precision and high dynamic performance of the Y axle beam movement is ensured.
★The Y axle beam runs at high speed and smoothly, greatly reducing the consumption of gas.

-Guideway surface Holistic steel plate welding
-The overall cast aluminum parts are used in the cross beam slide table, which can reduce the weight of the beam, ensure good stability and meet the high speed capacity of the machine tool.

-Between the guide and rack using precision collimator to calibrate the accuracy of ±0.02mm

-The Yaskawa servo motor and imported transmission system, ensure the precision of operation and reliability of the equipment.



Rotary Knob type focus point adjustment for fine and flexible adjustment. Adjustable range: 20mm, accuracy: 0.05mm. Drawer type mirror seat to make protect glass replacing faster and easier.

Both collimating lens and focal lens could apply compound lens for optimal optical quality and cutting result. Modular design with optional collision-proof protective devices or pneumatic knife to realized swiftly switch between welding and cutting.

Optional magnetic collision-proof protective modular that would activate reliable separation and immediately light off in case of collision.

Machine tool       BCL3015B-1000W         X axis stroke:1500mm  1 Anhui Baichao
Y axis stroke:3000mm
Beam Holistic cast aluminum beam 1 Anhui Baichao
Fuselage structure Holistic steel plate welding 1 Anhui Baichao
Laser generator  1000W 1 SHENZHEN MAX
X, Y, Z axis servo motor 4 Japan Fuji
Laser cutting head BT240 1 Switzerland Raytools
X, Y, Z axis drag chain 1000W 1 Cangzhou Hebei
X,Y axis gear and rack M2   Grinding din6 grade precision  3 sets Taiwan KH
Reducer VRTZ-090-5  3 arc precision  flange


3 Japan Shimpo
X axis linear guide rail HGH30CA2R  H level precision  2 Taiwan Hiwin
Y axis linear guide rail HGH25CA2R   H level precision 2 Taiwan Hiwin
Gas path SMC proportional valve 1 Japan/Taiwan
Electrical components 1 Schneider and SIEMENS
Cutting system 1 Cypcut
Computer  Memory 4G, solid state hard

 disk 120G

Oilway Automatic oil injection 1 Nanjing
Cooling-water machine HL-1000 1 Hanli
Air conditioner 350W 1 Tongfei Sanhe


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