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Xianglong electronic provides professional printed circuit boards manufacturing and PCB Assembly service for a wide variety of industries.AI & SMT & DIP is available!

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TV Box PCB Assembly Manufacturers

OEM Factory PCBA Manufacturer Electroic Parts SMT&DIP Assemblies Android TV Box PCB Board Assembly

4g Lte Wireless Dual Wifi Router PCB Assembly

.Multilayer PCB Circuit Board Fr4 PCB Printed Circuit Board Motherboard PCB Assembly HDI PCB Design PCBA for 3G 4G Router

Wireless Intercom System PCB Assembly

Wireless Intercom System PCB Assembly PCBA (OEM/ODM)

Bluetooth Earphone Module PCB Assembly

4 Layers Wireless Touch Earphone With Bluetooth Module Circuit Board Assembly

Set Top Box Pcb Circuit Board Pcba Assembly Supplier

Electronic Components Capacitor PCBA Board Manufacturer Set Top Box PCB Design

Router Network Module Board Assembly Manufacturer

New generation WIFI router, stable CPU+NPU, no need to distinguish WAN/LAN, external 6 independent FEM super transmission, can solve the problem of small and medium-sized Wi-Fi coverage. We are a professional electronic manufacturing OEM & ODM custom processing and design service provider.

Infrared Thermometer Circuit Board Assembly Manufacturers

Custom PCBA Assembly SMT Manufacturer Electronic BluetoothThermometer Scanner

Digital Display Oximeter Circuit Board Assembly

Professional OEM Finger Pulse Oximeter Assembly Manufacture Blood Pulse Oximeter PCBA

High Precision Infrared Thermal Imager Circuit Board Assembly

We are a professional electronic manufacturing OEM & ODM custom processing and design service provider.

UV Disinfection Box Circuit Board Assembly

Electronic prototype PCB assembly design services for PCB manufacturers

China Car Dashboard PCB Assembly Suppliers

High Density PCB PCBA Car Covers PCB Assembly Smart Car Blueteeth Module Dashboard System PCB PCBA Supplier

GPS Tracking Circuit Board Assembly

PCBA Manufacture GPS Tracker Circuit Board Assembly OEM Service Fast & Easy

Mechanical Keyboard Circuit Board Assembly

High Quality OEM PCBA Manufacturer Custom Keyboard PCB Assembly

PC Mouse Designed PCB Printed Circuit With PCB Assembly

OEM Design Fr-4 Wireless Mouse PCBA Board Electronic PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Thermal Printer PCB Board Assembly

PCB SMT Enig PCB Production of Fr4 1-24 Multilayer Printing Machine PCB Board Thermal Inkjet 3D Printer

Bluetooth Microphone Circuit Board Assembly

2 layers PCB LED Wireless Capacitance Microphone Circuit Board Assembly Manufacturers

Class D Amplifier PCB Manufacturing And Assembly

PCB SMT Car Audio Amplifier PCB Electronic Manufacturing Printed Circuit Board

Security Camera Circuit Board Assembly

Multi-Layer PCB Printed Circuit Board Security Camera PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Smoke Detector Acousto-Optic Alarm Circuit Board Assembly

Professional OEM Manufacturer for Smoke Alarm Detector PCB Assembly, Fast PCBA

Custom Flexible PCB Board Manufacturers

The PET film button board is widely used in the fields of mobile phone remote control, multimedia and other electronic products. It acts as a flexible switch.

Flexible PCB Power Connector Between Layers

The development of flexible PCB connectors also changes with the changes in electronic equipment. With the trend of small pitch, multiple pins, small size, high integration, and multiple contacts, flexible PCB connectors must be designed from appearance to product performance and quality.

PCB Manufacturers For The Automotive Industry

Most PCBs used in automobiles are 4-layer, 6-layer, 8-16-layer boards. The production requirements for automotive electronic PCB boards are not much different from ordinary PCBs in design. The defect rate is mainly reflected in the process. The PCB is low, and the requirements for vibration and high temperature performance are higher.

5G Base Station PCB

Compared with 4G, the number of 5G base stations will increase. Due to the high-speed and high-frequency characteristics of 5G, as far as a single base station is concerned, the value of the communication board will also be greatly improved.

Smart Earphone Flexible PCB Manufacturers

The antenna is an important part of the Bluetooth earphone PCB. The PCB has through and metalized vias, and the walls of the vias form a conductive layer; the antenna conductor is etched on the upper antenna conductor of the copper foil on the top of the PCB and under the copper foil on the bottom of the PCB The antenna conductor, the antenna's radiation intensity and radiation efficiency are in the optimal state, which can effectively realize the reliability and stability of the Bluetooth headset product.

High Precision Smartphone Rigid Flexible PCB Producer

Smart phones are small in size and generally use rigid PCB and flexible PCB. PCB reduces wiring and assembly errors, saves equipment maintenance, debugging and inspection time, facilitates mechanized and automated production, improves labor productivity and reduces the cost of electronic equipment. The design can be standardized to facilitate interchangeability.

Air Fryer PCBA Manufacturer

High Quality Controller Advanced EMS PCBA Circuit Board Assembly Smart Electronics Controller Air Fryer

Printed Circuit Boards For Ovens

PCB Board High Quality PCBA Design Oven Control Board PCBA OEM & ODM Custom Processing And Design Service Provider.

Professional PCB Manufacturer Ups Power PCB Board Design Custom Printed Circuit Board

AC DC Power PCB Assembly , Multilayer Power PCB Assembly , Multilayer UPS Battery Circuit Board

Battery Charger Car Charger Cell Phone Charger PCB Manufacturer Board

Dual USB 18650 Battery Charger PCB Power Module Electronic prototype PCB assembly design services for PCB manufacturers

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