Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Pistol Holster

Fit for Glock 30s.

Without light and laser attached

  • OEM MOQ300pcs
  • Fit Belt SizeUp to 1.5”
  • OWB Carry Select opposite Draw Hand
  • Fit PistolGolck 30s
  • Material0.08” thickness Kydex

RFL is a China factory specialized in making leather and Kydex gun holsters and we apply OEM/ODM service, we can customize Kydex holsters base on gun model, and can customize colors, Kydex pattern, and logo, draw hand. Find what suits for you the most!


 * Kydex is thick, strong and lightweight.
 * Kydex is water proof, washable, and will never rot.
 * Kydex holsters are produced with adjustable retention.
 * Kydex can be tweaked and shaped by hand to make drawing and re-holstering faster, easier and more consistent.


Each holster is handcrafted to mold to your precise gun model, creating a precise fit while maintaining a modest profile. Enjoy hearing an audible "click" every time you holster your gun, and rest assured that your gun is securely in place.

Glock 30s Tactical Kydex Gun Holster

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