Lab Single Layer Chemical Stirring Heated Glass Reactors

  • Service temperature0-250ºC
  • Capacity30L
  • Power(W)3.5KW(Heating power)
  • Voltage108V-240V
  • ComplianceCE Certified
  • Minimum Order Quantity1
  • Model NumberOLT-RK-30L
  • Mixing speed60~600rpm
  • Lead Time6-8day
  • Warranty1 Years

Heating Mantle Glass Reactor is a series product of single layer glass reactor, its max volume is 50L, max rotating speed can reach to 450rpm, its reaction bottle volume is 50L, that's why it is known as F-50L single layer glass reactor, also called: glass vacuum reactor, extractor, multifunctional reactors, it can make various of solvent synthesis reaction under the condition of constant temperature. The reactor part is controllable sealed structure, which can use negative pressure continuous inhalation of various liquids and gases, and make reflux or distillation under different temperature.

Single layer glass reactor is an equipment which is a collaboration of vacuum state, distillation, reflux, stirring, oil/water heating, heating mantle. It can do all kinds of biochemical reactions and synthesis reactions at a constant temperature condition. It is also a colsed system on the whole.




AC220V AC220V AC220V AC220V AC220V

Mixing power

GM 120W 1/3 GM 120W 1/3 GM 120W 1/3 GM 120W 1/3 GM 250W 1/3


60~600rpm 60~600rpm 60~600rpm 60~600rpm 60~600rpm


1000g/cm 1200g/cm 1200g/cm 1500g/cm 3000g/cm


10L 20L 30L 50L 100L

Heating power

2KW 3KW 3.5KW 6KW 7.5KW

Temperature  range

0-250ºC 0-250ºC 0-250ºC 0-250ºC 0-250ºC

Packing and Shipping

-The main parts will be wrapped with foam,then put into the carton; the mainbody portion will be packed in wooden cases;
-Both neutral and customized packaging can be available.

-We can ship the goods to you by International Express such as DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS and so on, you can also choose the appropriate one based on your timeline and budget. Besides,you can choose to use your own shipping 

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