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Luoyang Jinyu New Material Technology Co.,Ltd was a major China Flexible Packaging manufacturer. We offering a great variety of products,such as Thermoforming Films and Food Packaging Films.

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EVOH Thermoformable Film Application on Sausage

Jinyu offers a variety of multi-layer co-extruded casting food packaging films suitable for the food industry applications such as frozen, microwavable, cook-in,sausage,fresh meat, poultry,seafood,bread and dairy fruit markets.

High Barrier Thermoforming Film for Date Packaging

We offers an widely selection of multi-layer, high barrier co-extruded thermoforming film ,heat process forming bottom film for products requiring high water vapor, oxygen, light, or chemical barrier, such as FFS automatic packaging thermoforming ,fresh meat and processed meat packaging film,medical devices packaging film,snack foods packaging film,other fresh fruits or vegetables packaging film etc.

Flexible Food Packaging Film Usage on Fish Sausage

Jinyu offer some of the most advanced technology of thermoforming films by W&H 11 layer co-extruded casting machine application on fish sausage packaging.

Coextrude PA/EVOH/PE Thermoforming Barrier Films for Dates

We offers high barrier ,medium barrier ,non barrier date packaging film,our customer usually choosing coextruded structure PA/PE ,PA/EVOH/PE as date packing application with excellent perforamance of glass clear,high gloss ,puncture-resistance ,long shelf life ,etc.

PA/EVOH/PE Coextrusion Film for Bacon Packaging

Food packaging manufacturer, such as bacon packaging, 11 layers PA/PE co-extruded casting thermoforming films used as a top web and bottom web on thermoforming machines.

Coextrued PA/PE Thermoforming Film for Date Packaging

Jinyu manufactures food packaging, such as date packaging, 11 layers PA/PE co-extruded casting thermoforming films used as a top web and bottom web on thermoforming machines for date packaging.

11 Layers Coextruded Thermoforming Film for Meat

Jinyu thermofroming films are designed for today’s demanding food packaging requirements. Jinyu films provide superior package integrity, along with optimal characteristics for packaging a wide range of food and nonfood items. Excellent formability, outstanding gloss and clarity with precise cutting characteristics.

Flexible Cast Coextrusion EVOH Thermoforming Film

Flexible cast coextrusion food packaging film produced using coextruded thechnology can deliver excellent cost and performance attributes in the preservation of filled goods. PP and PE resins as seal layers, based on world-class technologies, are the preferred materials used in the production of flexible film for film-forming, low temperature sealing and hot-fill applications.

BRC Certificated 11 Layers Thermoforming Film for Cheese

Jinyu manufacture some of the most advanced thermoforming films in the world for cheese packaging applications.

High Clear Thermoforming Barrier Films for Fresh Meat

Jinyu produced high clear thermoforming films are ideal for a varied food and non-food products like soft/hard cheese & dairy product, meat, poultry, fish & marine products, vegetables & fruits dried fruits & nuts, bakery products, ready meals (burger, pizza, eggs), chocolate bar & sweet welding rods, health care products, medical devises (syringes, surgical items) & much more.

Roll Stock Thermoforming Film for Health Care Products

Jinyu offers PA/EVOH based11, 9, 7 layer Co-extruded Flexible barrier film for thermo forming. This packaging solution has excellent formability, which makes it the optimal solution for deep draw applications. These forming films have a highly glossy appearance and superior aroma.

Roll Stock Thermoformable Film for Speciality

Jinyu 11 layers thermoforming film is manufactured by using rapid water quenching process casting technologies,which is the best choice of packaging solutions for speciality.

Water Quenched Casting Thermoforming Packaging Solution

Jinyu offered thermoforming film by water quenched casting technology exhibits superior formability, excellent optical appearance, and balanced mechanical properties.

Flexible Thermoformable Film for Food Packaging Solution

Jinyu offers thinner,more efficient,more sustainable range of flexible thermoformable films with the potential of environmentally-friendly and economically efficient food & medical packaging solutions.

Coextruded Multiform Film Application on Meat

Outstanding forming properties enable deep draw for FFS systems with the most thinner forming films.

Multilayer Coextruded Cook-Chill Thermoforming Films

Jinyu offers a wide range of cook-chill thermoforming films to pack meat products and sausages, fish, poultry, cheese, ham, deep frozen products etc.

Flexible Barrier Thermoforming Films

Jinyu offers a wide range of Multi-layer PA/PE,PA/EVOH/PE,PA/PP forming film which have a highly glossy appearance, and superior aroma, flavor and UV protection.

Peelable Multilayer Co-extrusion Barrier Jelly Lidding Film

Jinyu lidding film series offers high barrier , medium barrier and non barrier film, depending on the specific application requirement.

Tray Top Lidding Film Usage on Fresh Meat Packaging

Jinyu offer a full range of PA outside co-extruded PA/PE. PA/EVOH/PE;two sides PE co-extruded PE/PA/EVOH/PE top webs and lidding films for application on correlative with compatible deep-draw thermoforming technology ......

Tray Top Lidding Film Usage on Processed Sausage Packaging

We are manufacturers of specialist lidding films for tray-sealing applications including peelable-seal,weld-seal and EVOH high barrier performance films.

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