Newest Design 800-4D Concrete Floor Grinder Machine

800-4D is a new-design and ride-on floor grinder,used to grind, coarse grind, prepare and polish concrete,natural stone and terrazzo floors. It is suitable for industrial sites with large engineering area and low requirements for floor completion.

  • ApplicationGrinding on concrete,marble,epoxy,terrazzo,granite floor

Newest Design 800-4D Concrete Floor Grinder Machines

Remote Control and Ride-on Floor Grinder---enable the floor labors to work with happiness and easiness

Technical Parameter:

Power 15KW/20HP Voltage Amperage 

380-440V/30.7A  Theree Phase 

Rotating Speed  450-1950rpm Working Width 800mm(256mm*4)
Weight 600KGS/1323LBS 
Inverter 18.5KW/25HP

Production Details:

Equip with a seat which can be adjusted forward and backward, enable the global floor labors to work with happiness and easiness. Ride on 800-4D and have a wider field of view,helping you to know every details of the floor ground.

Four-head planetary rotating system produces a counter centrifugal force,which makes the machine work smoothly and stably.The counter centrifugal force and 600kg of grinding pressure make the machine work more efficiently.The stable driving system makes the grinding effect more evenly.

The multi-functional grinding pads holder can be  equip with different kinds of grinding pads,such as resin pads,metal pads,wheel cups.

Floating dust cover prevents the grinding pads from flying out due to foreign matters on the floor ground and hurt people.Adjust automatically according to the condition of floor to prevent dust from overflowing.What’s more,there is no need to re-install the dust cover when changing the grinding discs.
Extra weight with auxiliary elastic rods to reduce the force of using extra weight.The extra weight can be setting in three levels:increasing,normal grinding and reducing grinding pressure.

800-4D 750x750-4.jpg
The control penel is next to the armrest,which is easy to operate.And the operating status of the floor grinder can be grasped at anytime through the LCD screen on control panel.You can sit on the machine and operate with the control panel on your right side.

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