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Xiamen Elements Packaging Co. Limited is a leading manufacturer of disposable foodservice packaging, specializing in paper cup manufacturing and paper converting since 2008. we supply a wide range of disposable products including compostable PLA paper cups, bamboo paper cups, FSC paper cups, paper food container, paper salad bowls, paper lids, paper straw, takeaway food boxes, sushi trays and compostable cutlery.

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Custom Logo Takeaway Disposable Smooth Double Wall Paper Cup

Paper hot cups are designed to hold coffee, tea and hot chocolate.They are all food-grade materials and support customized patterns and styles.          

Custom Printed Disposable Ripple Wall Coffee Paper Cup

The corrugated paper cup is made of internal cups and ripples outside. Corrugated paper cups are excellent in thermal insulation effect, non -slip design, cup body, and durability performance. At the same time, elements companies can provide you with multi -specification product style design, produce high -quality food -grade material ripple grain cups.

Custom Home & Garden Composting Aqueous Coating Barrier Coating Paper Coffee Cups

Customized production of degradable, recyclable and compostable disposable water-based coated environmental protection paper cups.

OEM Custom Disposable Food Grade Hot Drink Paper Coffee Cups

Food-grade disposable corrugated cups reflect heat resistance and heat insulation on the basis of food-grade materials.

Manufacturer Custom Logo Vending Kraft Disposable Packaging Paper Cup

Elements has long-term experience in retail packaging products, and is more professional and mature in customization and production than other peers. The retail packaging sizes are currently 10 per pack, 20 per pack, 30 per pack, 40 per pack, others Special packaging types can also be customized according to your style. In terms of materials, we have PE, OPP, CPP and more environmentally friendly paper material packaging.

Manufacturer Custom Logo Printed Eco Friendly Disposable Airline Hot Drinks Paper Cup

We have professional aviation paper cup customization service capabilities. While protecting the health and safety of your customers, we also carry out the concept of environmental protection to the end.

Custom Disposable Paper Coffee Cup Elements Export Plain White Custom Logo Compostable

Coffee Cup Disposable Made of 100% food grade biodegradable material,paper hot cups are designed to hold coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  

Plastic Free Aqueous Barrier Coating Paper Coffee Cup

Eco Friendly disposable food grade paper cups are made with eco-friendly barrier coating and FSC management organization certified eco-friendly pulp, usually 8oz 12oz 16oz.  

Wholesale Bulk Kraft Disposable Takeaway Double Wall Coffee Paper Cup

Disposable double-layer cup, composed of an outer patch and an inner cup, strong and strong, heat-insulated and not hot.

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