Platform Load Cell Steel Alloy Weighing Sensor NA21

NA21 is a potted and silicone sealed load cell. The strain gauge weight sensor is manufactured from steel alloy and characterized with high accuracy and linearity.

  • Rated Output2.0mV/V
  • Dimension200*50*40mm
  • MaterialSteel Alloy
  • Capacities500-1500kg
  • Protection ClassPI66/67

Steel Alloy Single Point Load Cell NA21

NA21 is a potted and silicone sealed load cell. The strain gauge weight sensor is manufactured from steel alloy and characterized with high accuracy and linearity.

Key Features

Calibrated to national standards

Steel alloy construction

Compact Design

Easy to install

Long term, reliable operation

Usage & Applications
Platform scales

Bench scales

Retail scales
Variety of other applications


steel alloy load cell NA21

NA21 Specification

Rated Capacities

300, 500, 1000, 1200, 1500(kg)

Rated Output

2.0 mV/V±10%

Zero Balance

±0.0200 mV/V


0.02 %R.O.


0.02 %R.O.


0.02 %R.O.

30mins Creep 

0.02 %R.O.

30mins Return

0.02 %R.O.

Safe Overload

150 %R.O.

Ultimate Overload

200 %R.O.

Temperature Effect On Output

0.002 %R.O./

Temperature Effect On Zero

0.003 %R.O./

Input Impedance

390±15 Ω

Output Impedance

350±5 Ω

Insulation Impedance

≥5000 MΩ/(50VDC)

Recommended Excitation

5~12 VDC

Maximum Excitation

15 VDC




Steel Alloy

Protection Class

IP66 / IP67



Recommended Platform Size

700×800 mm

Mode of Connection


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