Portable Infrared Drying paint Lamps

Infrared Paint Drying Lamps  with 1 Lamps, power 1000w

Infrared Paint Drying Lamps PL-1000W

Main technical performance and parameter of Infrared Drying Lamps :

 Model  PL-2000W
 Voltage  110V/230V, 1Ph
 Rated Power  1000w
 Height Adjust  0.2~2.1m
 Work current  4.15A
 Output Temperature  40~80 ℃
 Time Adjust  0.1~30min
 Working Distance  0.5m~0.7m


Infrared Lamps Features:

1.Aluminum upright column reduces the weight of whole machine
2.Philips or Vpower 21 inch short-wave infrared quartz halogen lamp
3.Automatic devices, with electronic timer
4.The angle of lamp panel can be adjusted in the lengthwise and lateral directions
5.Input voltage: 1ph230V 5/10A 50/60Hz
6.Power:1000W(1 lamp)
7.Temperature range:40℃-80℃
8.Adjustable time setting
9.The low and high temperature automatic switch is specially set due to the very quick heating speed of halogen lamp panel
10.Super-low and wide chassis can be applied to the low-chassis automobile and widthwise pass through tire


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