Professional Auto Mental Tubeless Tire Clamp in Tyre Valve Stems Making Machine Manufacturer in Competitive Price for Sale

Clamp in tyre valve stem machine is the most automation to manufacture different types and sizes of tyre valve in the world so far. Our machine is non-standard customized product,with these advantages just like standardized production,lowest defect rate,higher end product quality and lower labor cost.

Professional Auto Mental Tubeless Tire Clamp in Tyre Valve Stems Making Machine Manufacturer in Competitive Price for Sale

This kind of Clamp in tyre valve machine can assemble vary types of valve stem full-automatically through straight lines and turntables, all the parts such as, valve body,valve core, valve washer and cap will be assembled completely by machine. Machine and process control system of Sinuowei is new patent design with the technologies of full automation assembly and testing by smart tooling solutions. Our hose clamp machine not only improves the production efficiency and quality in maximum but also lower a lot of the cost for tyre valve manufacturers. The machine is advanced, high level of automation, stable performance, wide adjustment range, high efficiency and good effect.

auto parts tyre valve machine specification

Product name Clamp in tyre valve machine
Size 4500mm(L)*1500mm(W)*1800mm(H)
Weight 1 Ton
Work Area 5500mm(L)*3000mm(W)
Presure 0.5Mpa-0.7Mpa (72.5-101.5 PSI)
Free Twisting Force 0.8-1.3N/M  (7.08-11.505 in/ibs)
Equipment Failure Rate
less than 0.3%
Effciency 800-1200pcs/hour
Warranty Period one year
Additional Serves Profesional technology training
Brand of Main Parts
SMC Japan, SIEMENS Germany, Panasonic Japan,Keyence Japan, Schneider France, BASLER Germany, HIWIN Taiwan.

cycle valve making machine product show

high efficiency tubeless valve making machine

1. We have sold hundreds of machines already at home and abroad and they are working very well so far. As time went by, our machine become even more sophisticated with higher efficiency and greater stability.

2. We are professional in design and manufacture automatic assembly clamp in tyre valve machine with 10 years of experience. Our technology of automatic assembly tyre valve machine is mature and reliable.

3. The production efficiency is 1200pcs/hour more or less and working accuracy are all much higher than handmade, therefore satisfying the production requirements of new generation manufactures of tyre valve stem.

new tubeless valve stem machine

4.  An automatic assembly tire valve making machine can be designed as Multi-size according to client's requirement. Maybe two or four different sizes in one machine is available if the structure of clients' tyre valve stem allowed.

5. The same as another many parameters of machine, Free torque and broke torque of tyre valve can be customized. Our flexibility customization design to ensure all customer's requirements are met.

New generation tubeless valve core machine

6. Compared with the traditional manual control manner, this machine has many advantages such as stable and simple operation. Working content is only adding semi-finished product material on bin every 4 hours.

7. The production is controlled by PLC microcomputer which will records all data and it equipped with human-computer interface to make sure most all the technical parameters can be set on the touch screen.

tire valve production line workflow

workflow of aluminum valve stem for tubeless tire

1. The valve body will be transferred into the machine in one direction by vibration linear feeder with bin. The valve body will be put into holes of mold in a panel and to be transfer into next station.

clamp in valve stem assembly machine
truck tire valve stem machine supplier

2.The pneumatic ejector will strong blow the inside of valve body by air to make sure that the valve is clean enough.

3. Not only the inside but also the outside of the top of valve will be test by the detecting system. If both side of valve thread is perfect and then the valve will be transfer next station.

automatic assembly tubeless valve stem assembly machine

automatic assembly air valve stem assembly machine

4. The core of valve stem will be transferred into the machine directly in one direction by vibration linear feeder with bin. The cores to be tighten into the tested valve body in bottom-up.

5. After the valve body screwed by core, the machine will press the center of core to test whether the core is feasible to through the air. and then pick out the bad one.

automatic assembly tire valve stem assembly machine

6. Good semi-finished valve stem will be grasped by the fixture of machine to the turntable.
The rubber grommet will be set up on the valve stem automatically.
7.After above steps, a panel of tire valve stem already completed. There is air-leakage detector on the discharge outlet to recognize whether the finished product is good. automatic assembly valve stem assembly machine
valve stem making machine
8.The tested valve stem is grasped by the fixture tool. Good products will be put into the blister tray in order and the defective goods flow to the container of defective products for collection.

tubeless valve stem machine video

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