QZ800 Factory Price Stellar White Quartz Stone Slab

Slabs of Crystal white artificial quartz stone.

QZ800 Factory Price Stellar White Quartz Stone Slab is synthetic quartz stone. It is the new type building and furniture material, which have no pollution to the environment. Manufactured by 93% quartz sands and 7% resins. It can contact the food directly, artificial quartz stone has no harmful radioactive heavy metal materials. This product produced by Shunsen Industries Corporation are larger in size and with perfect flatness.

Factory Price QZ800 Stellar White Quartz Stone Slab could be cut into tiles, counter tops, vanity tops, wall cladding, etc. Artificial quartz stone now can endure high temperature, good heat-resistance, without distortion.

Quartz stone need to be maintained follow the suggestions. Generally speally, life time of artificial quartz can be more than 10 years. It has excellent physica and chemical performance. It should not be used in outdoor decoration. 

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