Red Pad For Floor Deep Cleaning

· Heavy-duty cleaning as a preparation step on worn and dirty floors

· Very aggressive to remove deep scratches and hard stains

· Leave a clean and well-prepared surface after working

Recommended machine:

Scrubber dryer machine

Single disc machine with 150-400 RPM

Orbital machines

Red Pad is formulated as a deep cleaning pad to do renovation works with water only. It can do restoration works on hard floors and stone floors to leave a clean surface, which can prepare for subsequent White Pad, Yellow Pad and Green Pad to raise high gloss finally. As for coated floors, it can also do the stripping jobs to deeply clean the surface.


· Eco friendly and Healthy. With water only, it can clean and polish all floors. 
  (Green chemicals also available if necessary)

· Remove scratches and stains quickly.

· Easily fit for general floor cleaning and polishing machines.

· Cost-effective by saving consumables spending.


Item No. Size (Inch/mm = *) Roughness Shape Package
ESR*P4 5"/125 - 27"/685 Coarse Round 2/5
ESS*P4 Customized Coarse
Rectangle /

Floor Pads can be used for cleaning, polishing, polishing, scrubbing and floor stripping. Floor Pads allow you to remove light stains, scuff marks and heel marks from hardwood floors.

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