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The Quantum Safety PLC is a Safety-Related System certified according to IEC 61508 by TÜV Rheinland Group. It is based on the Quantum family of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). For programming, the Unity Pro XLS programming software of Schneider Electric must be used. Unity Pro XLS provides all the functionality of Unity Pro XL and is additionally able to program the Quantum Safety PLC. For further information on the differences between these software packages, see Differences between standard and Safety Quantum PLC.


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DSTC120 57520001-A 1791-24B8 51304335-100 IC693CPU360
DSQC611 1769-IQ6XOW4 10102/2/1 IC697MDL240
PM630 3BSE000434R1 1715-N2T 900RTS-0001 IC200ALG620
IEMMU11 1747-L533 CC-TAIM01 IC697VAL314
GD B021 BE HIEE300766R1 1785-l40c15 8C-PDODA1 IC693ALG223
SNAT632PAC SNAT 632 PAC 61049428 1784-PCMK 51199929-100/SPS5710 IC670GBI102
CD522 1SAP260300R0001 1756-L7SP DC-TAOX11 IC697CPX935-FD
3DDE300402 CMA120 1756-IV16 51304084-175 531X111PSHARG1
ACU-01 3HNA013719-001 1756-IB16D 900P01-0001 531X307LTBAKG1
DSQC373 1746-NI04I 51401583-100 IC670PBI001-BE
SB510 3BSE000860R1 1747-L551 CC-PAON01 51410070-175 IC660BBR100

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