Shea Butter Floral Bath Gift Set

Nourishig bath and body gift sets for everyday pampering.


Product range includes: Bath Foam, Body Yogurt, Bath Crystals

1. From bath foam to bath crystals, this set includes the essentials for a home pampering special.
2. All with a fresh natural fragrance for added relaxation.
3. Fresh fragrance includes firewood scent, honey and lemon for enhanced comfort and relaxation.
4. Natural herbal skin care series extracted from natural plants, flowers and other essence.
5. Selecting only high quality recycled packaging materials.

Fragrance: Lavender or different fragrance as per request

Essential Oil(Optional): lavender scent can reduce stress and anxiety thus improve sleeping, it also reduce acne, slows skin aging with strong antioxidants and restore skin complexion

  • Product's individual content can be assembled according to your needs.
  • Export packaging: 3-layered corrugated mid carton and 5-layered corrugated outer carton.
  • The product can be all custom-made, from ingredients to outer packaging material.

Brand OEM, Private Label
Sample Free
Claim Deep Cleaning, Moisturizing
MOQ 5000 sets
Sample Time around 3-5 days depending on your ingredients and packaging demands
Bulk Delivery Time around 30-45 days depending on the freight company


fully automatic filling and sealing production line for body care and cosmetic products

GMP standard manufacturing plant of Misero Biotechnology

well equipped and fully operational for all your cosmetics and body and hair care products

Order Process

from research and development to production and shipping of your body care and cosmetic products


with Misero Biotechnology your cosmetics and personal care products can be shipped to you in the fastest time possible

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