Siemens 6ES5988-3NB11 fan equipment package brand-new and Original

Siemens 6ES5988-3NB11 fan equipment package In stock /Fast Shipping



Siemens 6ES5988-3NB11 fan equipment package Good quality/In stock


SIMATIC S5, fan equipment package for 6ES5955-3NC13-3NA12, -3NF11, 6ES5 988-3NA11

Net Weight (kg):0,665 Kg

Dimension:24,10 x 30,10 x 8,60

Package size unit of measure:CM



Brand: Siemens

Product Origin: Germany 

Warranty: 1 Year

Payment: T/T, Western Union

Condition: New with original package

Lead Time: In stock






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Packaging details: original packing with factory seal

Delivery details: 1~3 days after payment


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