SMA Female Straight Connector Crimp Solder Attachment for RG316 RG174 RG188 Cable

SMA Connector Features

  • Can terminate to coax, PCB (printed circuit board) or terminal;
  • Can be male or female gender in standard polarity (RPSMA / RP-SMA) or reverse polarity threads, with 50ohm impedance;
  • Body can be straight, radius right angle or right angle;
  • Mount Method can be press in, bulkhead, 2 hole panel, 4 hole panel or mount-less;
  • Attachment methods include clamp/solder, compression, crimp/solder, crimp/solder (captive contact), field replaceable, solder, solder (without contact), solder/solder or solder/solder (captive contact);
  • Body is brass or stainless steel.

SMA Female Straight Connector Crimp Solder Attachment for RG316 RG174 RG188 Cable


The SMA connectors feature stainless steel or brass construction and a ¼ - 36 threaded coupling, which offers high performance in a compact design,For test equipment and other instrumentation using phase matching techniques, SMA interconnects offer a precise and simple means of phase adjustment for microwave devices, SMA connectors can be mated with all connectors, frequency max up to 27GHz; this SMA female coaxial connector has an interface type of RG316 RG174 RG188 cable and a 50ohm impedance, attachment method uses shield/contact crimp/solder, its straight body is brass with glod plating.



Impedance                                                                   50Ω
Frequency range (for connector interface) 18GHz
Dielectric withstanding voltage (at sea level) 750-1500V,50Hz  (depending on cable)
Working voltage (at sea level) 250-500V,50Hz (sea level) / 65-125V,50Hz  (Height 21000M)
Insulation resistance  5000 mΩ
Contact resistance Inner conductor: 3mΩ
Outer conductor: 2.5mΩ
RF leakage(2-3GHZ) Flexible: 60dB
Semi-rigid cable: 100dB
Coupling nut torque 0.8Nm--1.1Nm / 7.1 in.lbs--9.7 in.lbs
Coupling nut retention force 270N / 60.7 lbs
Contact captivation axial  27N / 6.1 lbs
Durability (matings) 500
Temperature range -65°C  to +165°C 
Bodies, outer contacts Beryllium copper--Au plating
Stainless steel--Passivation
Brass--Au plated / ternary alloy plating 
Phosphor bronze --Au plating
Pin contacts Brass/Beryllium copper--Au plating
Socket contacts Beryllium copper / Phosphor bronze--Au plating
Crimp ferrules Brass--Au plating
Insulator PTFE
Gaskets Silicone rubber



  • Base Stations
  • Instrumentation
  • Telecommunications
  • Antennas
  • PC/LAN


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